Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens


It’s all about White!

Sophie Hitchens Friday 05th October 2018

Following on from our blog post back in July, we thought we’d revisit the allure of creating mood boards using Pinterest. Unsurprisingly, white features heavily in many of our Light Location shoots thanks to the opportunities the colour provides for stylists and photographers to stage and create sets to make products centre-stage and to allow clients to easily adapt locations to their needs.

We 🧡 the use of white, especially Sophie (who drives her husband mad with their all white kitchen at home!) and it would appear our followers on Pinterest love white too! Our white-based pins are our most popular and we can stab a guess that many people are using them for mood board creations.

White conjures up feelings of purity, positivity, cleanliness and simplicity. If you are looking to create a board that evoke these themes, browse through our white inspired locations below and take a look at our White Board over on Pinterest.

White inspired pins on our White board on Pinterest
White simplicity at Palace Road.
White inspired kitchen at the popular Palace Road.
We are missing this stunning versatile location!
💛 🧡
White, rustic style at the beautiful Primrose Flat.
Another beautiful white/simple interior at Darville Road.
Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens



We wanted to highlight how important it is for all crews to adhere to our COVID-19 guidelines on shoot days. At this present time it is of paramount importance that we provide a safe working environment for all parties on shoot days.