Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens


The Romance of a French Retreat

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 25th October 2016

The seduction of French romanticism leads many an ardent soul to pursue a new or supplementary life via a retreat nestled within the beautiful architecture and scenery that France has to offer. These villas, homes and chateaux’s create dreamy settings that act as a perfect backdrop for idyllic photo shoots and location photography.

Three of our Light Locations are set within the glorious French landscape and with short flights and transfer times, they provide a practical location with an amorous twist.

Nimes House

This rustic house near Nimes radiates a feeling of traditional French living. With its variety of stone based interiors, this Light Location is cool, classy and nostalgic. Several years ago it featured in beautiful contemporary furniture shoot for Homes and Gardens for coastal interiors, but it would be equally at home for a beguiling and romantic set.

Chateau de Lartigolle

Set in 22 acres of dazzling countryside, this classically decorated Chateau includes a swimming pool, vineyard and wood. The epitome of chic French countryside life, it was voted by Harpers and Queen as one of the ‘Top 100 Places to Stay in the World, making it an irresistible choice for shoot crews.

The Manoir 

If your idea of a romantic French backdrop is moody dark interiors adorned with rich timbers set against cool stone walls and Rococo furniture pieces, then the Manoir is your ticket. A truly stunning 14th and 15th century home that includes an additional 18th century Pigeonnie tower, historical French romanticism hits you at every turn. The exterior of this truly unique location also provides ample romantic inspiration for stylists and photographers

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens



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