Our Story


Light Locations offers photoshoot locations in London and across the UK that we know you’ll love

Our story began in 2001 when, after many years in the industry, Sophie Hitchens created a photoshoot location agency to reflect a passion for beautifully proportioned, inspirational spaces filled with natural light for film and photography shoots. Sophie named the photoshoot location agency Light Locations.

Our first photoshoot location in Brixton offered the industry something very different and it gained a lot of attention. It gave Light Locations fantastic exposure, which, together with Sophie’s established industry contacts meant our photoshoot location portfolio and client base grew from strength to strength. Initially based in the hub of London city life, we moved to the beautiful Wiltshire countryside in 2009. In the summer of 2015 we bought and renovated a new premises of our own.

We treat our owners and clients like family. We’re incredibly proud that our location owners stay with us for years, even when they renovate or buy new properties. And our clients come back time and again because they trust us to provide the perfect locations and deliver a seamless service.


Sophie Hitchens - Founder of Light Locations Photographic Location Agency

Founder and Director

Sophie Hitchens

Joined 2001

Meet Sophie, who works tirelessly behind the scenes to push the business forward and ensure that everything and everyone performs to the best of their ability.

Sophie is the first point of contact for any new owner and oversees the registration selection process. And when it's time to shoot a new location, you'll find her working alongside our professional photographer, art directing and styling to ensure the best shots for the site.

Sophie also manages any design work the company needs, working with our web team to keep our website and shoot booking process in shape. Additionally, she runs our social media and journal platforms.

Katie Bear - Location Coordinator at Light Locations Photographic Location Agency

Senior Location Coordinator

Katie Bear

Joined 2019

Meet Katie, a vital part of our team, working hard to ensure everything runs seamlessly in the office. She's the primary contact for clients and owners, handling all location enquiries and organising shoots. She works closely with Madeleine to oversee the office and ensure everything runs like clockwork.

Katie's role also involves managing all pre-shoot paperwork and admin for each job, sending agreements to both parties to ensure everyone's on the same page.

With Katie's attention to detail, you can trust your shoot will be organised, stress-free and enjoyable.

Madeleine Booth Howe - Senior Location Coordinator at Light Locations Photographic Location Agency

Senior Location Coordinator

Madeleine Booth Howe

Joined 2014

Meet Madeleine, an essential part of our team, working alongside Katie to coordinate the smooth running of our office. She's the first point of contact for all location enquiries from clients and owners, expertly organising dates, fees, timings and terms involved in the shoots.

Madeleine's role also involves organising all the pre-shoot paperwork and admin for each job, including sending out agreements to clients and owners, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what's happening with their jobs.

With Madeleine's efficiency, you can trust that your shoot will be in good hands.

Nicola Sainsbury - Accounts Administrator

Accounts Administrator

Nicola Sainsbury

Joined 2012

Meet Nicola, whose role in our team is crucial, as she's the contact in the office for all after-shoot admin and enquiries.

Nicola works closely with Katie, Madeleine, and Sophie to complete the booking process. Nicola handles all the post-shoot paperwork and admin involved in the shoots, such as generating invoices, chasing payments, and sending out remittances to owners.

She also plays a vital role in sourcing and dealing with the images shot by each client at a location, providing inspirational content for our site and social media platforms.

With Nicola rounding up the task, you can trust that your job will be completed swiftly, efficiently, and always with a smile.

Kuma - Madeleine’s super loving Sprockador

Top Dog



Kuma is Madeleine’s super-loving Sprockador — a Labrador, Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel mix. When he’s not jumping into muddy puddles, he’s trying to snuggle up on Madeleine’s lap in the office.

Cookie - our founder Sophie’s Welsh Terrier puppy

Resident Troublemaker



Cookie is Sophie's Welsh Terrier. Whilst she may look innocent, she's very mischievous. You need to worry if she's not at your feet, as she'll probably be in the neighbour's garden!


We believe in taking the stress out of finding and organising your shoot location and pride ourselves on providing only the most stylish and inspiring photoshoot locations in London and across the UK.

We only select the best photoshoot locations. 

Sophie knows what makes a great photoshoot location, and always prioritises quality over quantity. If a property inspires her, she’ll visit and organise the photographs to ensure we only take on the very best.

We use high-quality photography that’s always fresh and informative.

We’re committed to capturing the essence of our photoshoot locations through high-quality photography for our website. That’s why we insist on frequently updated, professional photography for every one of our properties. We style our beautiful and inspirational images to be as explanatory as possible, which helps clients to make informed choices.

We keep our website user-friendly and fresh, making it easy to find the right photoshoot location. We frequently update our site with new photoshoot locations, and newsletters go out regularly to ensure clients have all the up-to-date information they need.

We know our properties like the back of our hands.

Everyone in the team has visited most of the Light Locations so that we can tell our clients about the small but vital details. Whether it’s about parking, access details or the size of rooms, we know our properties inside out. And with our experience and expertise, we even know the quality of light at each photoshoot location to ensure clients make the best choice for their projects.

You’ll experience a personalised approach.

We’ve always ensured that our photoshoot location portfolio stays manageable so our clients and owners experience a very personal service. Our friendly approach to organising shoots has made us a well-known and respected name in the industry.

If you work with us, you’ll get to know the voices at the end of the phone, and we’ll get to know yours. We’ll go above and beyond to work around your dates and deadlines.

Efficiency is our middle name.

Because we know there’s so much to think about when sourcing, booking and running a location house, we run a finely-tuned, well-organised process that will keep you on track. Our team is small, focused and always here to help.

Get in touch and find out more.


Light Locations are great to work with; professional and friendly, they consistently go above & beyond to make the location process as easy possible. A fabulous selection of locations, I look forward to working with them again and continuing a great relationship!

Amy Theobald | Web Production Coordinator Anthropologie

I only recently registered with Light Locations, but the bookings for our house were almost immediate. I believe it makes a huge difference that Sophie personally comes to each property and the service so far has been second to none. Sophie and her team are super efficient and the fact that they're lovely people too is an absolute bonus! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Deborah Chancellor | Owner of Botley House

Light Locations are always a pleasure to work with, they come back with options very quickly and have a very good choice of locations. All the team are very helpful and friendly.

Julie Abramson | Photographic Production Director, Seventy7 Group