Paint & Decorate


Are you looking for an interior shoot location that you can paint and decorate?

Light Locations offer the best selection of paint and decorate photoshoot locations in London and the UK.

Paint and decorate photoshoot locations are extremely versatile as they provide endless styling options and will enable photography crews to paint walls, ceilings, doors, woodwork, wallpaper walls, put up curtains, blinds at windows and pictures on the walls to achieve their desired look. These houses and spaces also offer a canvas for brands specialising in paint, wallpaper and other decorating options to showcase products. We’ve worked alongside a number of brands helping them accomplish their dream look from a location.

All our interior shoot locations that offer painting and decorating options are handpicked and come with full paint back details as it’s the responsibility of the client to return anything painted back to its original colour.

Below you’ll find a portfolio of handpicked properties that provide you with the opportunity to create a bespoke photoshoot location that is specifically tailored to the needs of your project.

We are an industry-leading interior location agency in the UK and would love to help you find the perfect photoshoot location that you can paint and decorate for you and your project. If you’re interested in booking any of our paint and decorate photoshoot locations, please get in touch.

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