Quirky Locations


As a leading UK location agency, Light Locations provide handpicked portfolio of quirky photoshoot locations for your unusual photoshoot.

If you are looking for the best quirky photoshoot locations, we make it easy for you to choose the right option. Our quirky photoshoot locations offer something a little different for photoshoots, from the unique to the curious. Including photoshoot locations such as cabins, barns and railway carriages, these unusual photoshoot location options provide endless possibilities and a wealth of features.

Our selection of quirky photoshoot locations are located throughout the UK in a variety of locations including London, Kent, Norfolk and Wiltshire. You can find below all our quirky photoshoot locations and choose the perfect setting for your photoshoot.

Light Locations is an industry-leading UK location agency and our professional team will help you find the best photoshoot location for your unusual photoshoot! If you’re interested in booking any of our photoshoot locations, please contact us today to discuss your needs!

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