London Photo Shoot Locations

Light locations is an industry-leading location agency in the UK, representing locations across the country and specialising in supplying London photo shoot locations and country houses for film, television, magazine and advertising shoots. Our portfolio of properties are based in a wide variety of beautiful locations and include everything from stunning period houses to city apartments.

If you are looking for a London photo shoot location, we have a portfolio of some of the most elegant and photogenic houses and properties for advertising, PR shoots and editorial publications for products, brands, and celebrities. Search our London locations


Finding the best London Locations

Our handpicked portfolio makes it easy for you to choose the location based on your specific needs, whether you are looking for a house, something quirky or a location that allows you to paint and decorate.

If you are looking for the best London based locations, we make it easy for you to choose the right option. You can browse our website to explore the different locations and choose the perfect setting for your photo shoot. If you have something specific in mind, our website search functions help to focus your research.
We can help find any type of setting – interiors or exteriors. If you need special location features, we can find it for you. Your photo shoot may require exposed brick or distressed walls to create a more rugged environment. You may need roll top baths, panelling or kitchen islands for more sophisticated settings.

Your brief might require specific rooms. You may need rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, children’s rooms, dining rooms, hallways, dressing rooms, kitchens, or other interior settings for your advertisement, film, TV or other photo shoots.

You can also choose location styles based on creating the perfect ambience for your photo shoots. Choose from colourful settings to more contemporary venues. You may need faded grandeur for your photo shoot, perhaps a moody environment or a seaside setting.

Light Locations can also find the most suitable exterior settings for your photo shoots. This could be campervans, decking, lakes, huts, country gardens, London gardens, pools or summerhouses. We can help to find you the perfect location in any part of London. Search all of our location categories


Working Together to Find Your Perfect London Location

Light Locations represents properties in North, South East and West London location, together with surrounding counties. We have strong relationships with all of our location owners, meaning we know the properties inside out and can ensure a fast, smooth and efficient service.

We have built long-standing business relationships with Art Directors, photographers, film location managers, creative agencies and production managers. They regularly return to us or refer us to find new, suitable locations for their projects. Our location library database keeps growing, and we have been able to maintain and build our strong reputation with clients for many years. Our friendly approach and emphasis on building both client and owner relationships has made us a well-known and respected name in the industry.

We have a passionate and dedicated team who find it both enjoyable and satisfying to help our clients find the ideal shoot locations based on their requirements and industry niche.

Feel free to contact us today or explore our photo shoot location portfolio.


We wanted to make you aware we have shoot guidelines in place for both clients and location owners to enable everyone involved in a shoot to return to a safe working environment. You will be asked to adhere to these guidelines on shoot days.