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Sophie Hitchens


A Light Location to remember!

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 03rd May 2016

Sometimes something remains forever in your mind – perhaps a memory, a scene from a film or a conversation that just stays with you.

Working with our gorgeous Light Locations, sometimes one location holds a special place in our memories, forever suspended in history. These locations are attached to other memories and experiences that make them stand out.

At Light Locations, we love the opportunity to look at our locations from a different vantage point so we asked ourselves ‘Which Light Location do you think will stick in your memory in 20 years time?

Suzi, our Social Media Manager chose Ramsbury Cabin in Wiltshire for its memories of her early days of working with Light Locations, but also the magic of its setting:

“I have to choose Ramsbury Cabin in Wiltshire. Partly because it was one of the first Light Locations I used for social media, but it was more that I lived quite near to this location at the time and had no idea that it existed. That behind walls, down driveways and over fences exist amazing places that stylists and photographers use for their photoshoots. It was my first insight into the world of location styling and photography”

, our Office Manager chose Forest House, also due to an attachment with her early days at Light Locations and also for its unique location that made its stamp on her memory:

“They all have their own quirks but I think I will remember Forest House the most, as its set within such a secluded spot and was the first location I went to see which made the biggest impression on me”

Similarly, Madeleine, our Location Coordinator honed in a location tied up with memories of her first weeks working with the Light Location team.

Purley Hall as this was one of the first locations I was able to visit and I was just in awe at the size of it and the history that it has”

However, Madeleine does also have a place in her heart for Forest House, as she shares Nicola’s fascination with its location:

“I also have to add Forest House as I just love where this location is situated (in the woods) and the interior and exterior is so beautiful”

Amy, our new Office Assistant chose one of the locations she recently visited:

The location that will stick in my memory in 20 years time is De Beauvoir Road. When Madeleine and I visited London we rounded the corner to see this amazing black wooden-clad building nestled between terraced London brick houses. I love the huge window in the upstairs sitting room overlooking lots of greenery. An ever-changing painting!

Sophie, our owner who knows every single Light Location past and present, chose Foxgrove Road, because of its beauty and also its popularity with clients:

“It’s another stunning house and a very popular location with us. The kitchen is beautiful!”

Do you have one Light Location that will remain forever in your mind? We would love to hear which one and why.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens