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Photoshoot Location Spotlight: Belgrave Road

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 13th October 2021

The impressive Victorian terraced house at Belgrave Road with glorious views across the beautiful city of Bath is one of our newest Light Locations.

It offers plenty of perks for shoot crews and stylists, including the ability to paint and decorate and ample parking. But it’s the décor at this stunning home that is galvanising its appeal. Let’s take a deeper look at the factors firing up our clients.


A Perfect Location Owner

However beautiful a location is, the location owner will be the key that transforms a pretty house into a popular shoot location.

Owned and renovated by interior stylist and designer Leanne Von Arx, Belgrave Road has all the hallmarks of someone who knows how to design a home and keeping it looking fabulous. As a result, the house is not only beautiful but always pristine. Consequently, we are safe in the knowledge that crews will always arrive at a location that is 100% shoot ready.

A Monochrome Masterpiece

Leanne has utilised a bold monochrome design throughout her home. But her approach is different to many modern black and white compositions as she enticingly marries the old with the new. Predominantly period whites and creams are woven with principally modern dark furniture. And the result is a simplistic interior canvas that is anything but simple.

And where period features are lacking, Leanne has stepped in to plug the gap. A great example is the stunning moulded wall in one of the two downstairs living spaces. Many people assume that this masterpiece is original, but Leanne added it during renovations to complement the authentic period coving. In a similar approach, Leanne chose to add a ceiling rose in the kitchen to replicate what could have been there originally.

Packed With Props

The spectacularly successful use of a monochrome base is perfect for Leanne’s ever-changing collection of delightful artwork and precious objects. Thanks to the eagle eye of a stylist, the home is packed with a gorgeously indulgent array of treasures, including vases, ornate mirrors and artistic curiosities. And the collection ranges from period finds such as chandeliers to modern beauties such as an enviable pair of curved sofas and cream boucle chairs.

Leanne has carefully chosen every one of her beautiful items to complement their surroundings. A fact which clients gratefully appreciate, as all her props are available for shoot crews to use. This recent shoot from Prestigious Textiles elegantly illustrates Leanne’s prop collection in action.


A Touch of Gold

As Leanne renovated and continues to add to her home, a touch of gold has crept in at regular intervals. And the result is a stunning and modern sprinkling of opulence which works wonders against their monochrome setting.

Mirrors, lamps, picture frames and bookshelves dazzle and sparkle with a gold appeal. And at Light Locations, we are huge fans of the use of gold in the kitchen. From the enticing black and gold bar stools to the adorable gold cupboard handles. And we are positively infatuated with the gold sink.

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens