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Doors for all Seasons: Extraordinary Entrances for your Next Shoot Day

Tabitha Paradise Monday 10th June 2024

Although they may be often overlooked as a functional feature of the home, doorways can be very beautiful in their own way. Often a symbol of new beginnings and change, a striking entrance way can add a strong visual narrative to a shot as well as give a sense of context. From strong staircases to leaf-draped walls, our seasonal picks of exterior doorways are sure to spark inspiration for your next shoot day.



The gentle flourishing of Spring feels well underway now, and it is wonderfully personified by the aptly named Spring Cottage. This quintessentially English cottage is both idyllic and picturesque, tucked away in Gloucestershire and surrounded by a gorgeous wildflower garden.

Its main exterior door is full of character with its rustic texture and Cotswold stone walls, which are almost completely veiled by soft pink climbing clematis flowers. The greenhouse entrance is equally lovely, with colourful foxgloves and lush greenery blooming all around.

Pastel hues feel very well suited to this season, and the distinctive arched doorway of The Rectory continues this theme perfectly. Its soft blue tone feels exquisitely fresh and is complemented beautifully by the vibrant blooms of lavender which line the stairway towards it. Further south at The Welsh House, Spring is definitely in the air as bunches of pretty wisteria cascade down the traditional stone walls and frame the earthy-toned doorways.



The excitement and joy of Summer often feels best expressed in vivid colour, and the tangerine tower of The Welsh House certainly has that! The zingy orange walls surrounding the farmhouse doorway seem at their most dazzling when dappled with golden light, adorned with an eclectic mix of leafy plants and set against a bold blue sky.

For a softer summer palette, Thurning Hall’s curved pink doorway also looks wonderful in the summer sunshine. Its intricately carved exterior stone harkens back to romantic 18th Century Georgian style, with delicate ivy draping down from the balcony above.

The ornate entrance to Upton House is both grand and welcoming, with every inch of this grade II listed building filled with charming period details. The courtyard-esque front patio comes alive in the summer months, with the bright blue skies reflected in its decorative windows and lime-coloured leaves swaying in the breeze.

The warm tones of Cotswold Barn feel perfect for summer shoots too; sandy stone freckled with burnt orange and dressed in climbing roses. The many doorways are surrounded by pristine sun-soaked gardens full of shoot potential.



Although it feels hard to think about cooler months when we’re barely into Spring, photoshoot planning often demands it. Luckily, the cosiness and colour of Autumn days are a joy to visualise despite the grey clouds that sometimes accompany them.

Yeabridge House is a stunning Georgian farmhouse with a Victorian extension tucked away in the Somerset countryside. The main entrance certainly makes an impression, with its warm tone, classic ring handles and a crown of branches. The location’s other main doorway, a white arched number with a columned porch, sits in a deeper hue of country house brick.

Gaulden Manor has been a much discussed location recently, but this richly toned doorway couldn’t be ignored. The russet stone and terracotta tiles within are so reminiscent of the tone of changing leaves, the perfect spot for a rustic Autumn scene.

A new property to the Light Locations roster, Trenoweth House is a stunning Victorian former vicarage located down in Cornwall. The gothic style doorway leading into its astounding great hall is grand itself, with a vaulted surround to match the ceiling within and a bouquet of chestnut branches at its peak.



What better way to signal the start of the festive season than with a frosted door laden with wreaths and lights? The crisp snap of Winter always feels intrinsically linked with the Christmas period, and a snowy door scene is often a staple of Winter catalogues.

The pristine entrance at Albourne House holds all the tones of a frosty morning, the white walls providing the perfect contrast for a pine tree to be leant up against. The dramatic stairway offers more opportunities for seasonal styling, as well as a sense of grandeur and occasion.

It wouldn’t be Winter without red, and the deep burgundy door at Belmont House has a real decadence to it. The double door provides a wonderful sense of scale whilst being surrounded by gorgeous detail, like the carved facade or the tinkling bell beside it.

For a more alternative winter palette, look no further than Henley House whose contemporary blue-grey cladding is particularly eye-catching. A perfect natural backdrop for white product and accessories, this inviting doorway brings bold character and is topped off with lanterns waiting to be set aglow.

A strong favourite for Winter, Eagle House has long been sought out for its blue and white toned textured interior walls. Its exterior entrance also feels like a celebration of winter skies, with its silvery-grey double door and large window panes. The impressive carved pillars and traditional lantern at their peak add classic style, and are so evocative of traditional Christmas tales from long ago.


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Tabitha Paradise

Tabitha Paradise