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Location Spotlight: The Gin Distillery

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 25th May 2023

The Gin Distillery in East London is a stunning and intimate warehouse space. And with new owners who are well-versed in the industry, and familiar with the demands of shooting days, it’s a dream location.

Let’s find out more about this gorgeous property and why it’s attracting a wide range of clients, from fashion and furniture brands to coffee and product shoots. 


From Forgotten Distillery to Award-Winning Architectural Gem 

An old forgotten Gin Distillery in London’s East End seemed an unlikely place for a cosy family home. The previous owner, architect Rupert Scott from Open Practice Architecture, used the challenge of limited space as inspiration to create a bright and peaceful sanctuary. He cleverly incorporated light and scenic views into the design.  

Against all odds, Rupert defied the site’s constraints and delivered a serene haven for his family. And the result didn’t go unnoticed with the project winning a RIBA London Award in 2018. It also went on to join the shortlist for the RIBA House of the Year award in 2019.

The project served as a testament to the power of innovative architectural design in turning derelict buildings into remarkable living spaces. The project aimed to use a thoughtfully curated selection of modest and affordable materials. It also emphasised meticulous craftsmanship to provide a cosy and welcoming family home and shoot location.

With a recent change in hands to new owners, we were delighted that The Gin Distillery stayed with Light Locations as one of our gorgeous London-based shoot spaces.


What Makes the Gin Distillery Special 

The Gin Distillery is a stunning example of the transformation that can occur when tradition meets innovation. Once a modest Victorian distillery, this remarkable establishment has evolved into a beautiful twenty-first-century location with Scandi vibes. The result is a perfect place for a wide range of photo and film shoots.

While paying homage to its industrial roots, the distillery showcases a harmonious blend of timeless elements and contemporary materials. With its striking Crittall windows, robust black beams, and abundant use of steel and concrete, the space exudes a unique charm. Unlike its historical counterpart shrouded in darkness, this open-plan studio has been painstakingly designed to bask in abundant natural light.

The Gin Distillery maintains its discreet exterior, but inside its hidden courtyard lies a different world. The ground floor living spaces feature exposed steelwork, timber, and polished concrete surfaces. And well-placed light wells, screens, and openings create ever-changing light patterns throughout the interior. A black steel staircase leads to a sun-filled landing. Here you’ll find two modern cabin-style bedrooms, a bathroom with Scandinavian redwood ceilings and a secret roof garden.


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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens