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In the life of Twig Hutchinson, Interior Stylist

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 05th January 2017

Twig Hutchinson is an Interior & Prop Stylist and an Art Director and owner of the beautiful Light Location, Lorn Road. With an eye for all things beautiful, it is not surprising that Lorn Road is a wonderful combination of Victorian history with modern class. As a top stylist in her field, we asked Twig what inspires her.

How would you introduce yourself and your work in one sentence?
Oh, that’s far too tricky to answer in one sentence! I suppose I am Earl Grey drinking, linen, unlacquered brass and pink ceramics obsessive (though that list is not exhaustive!) who likes to be in and create beautiful spaces. And I have three little children to keep things forever interesting.

What/Who inspired you to become an interior stylist?
I’ve always loved interiors ever since I was a little girl I’ve been designing rooms and making plans for as long as I can remember. I started my career assisting lots of wonderful stylists who were always really inspirational. I used to assist Kristin Perers when she was a stylist and she was amazing. She’s now a photographer so I have the fun of working with her all over again.

How do you begin your journey of inspiration when styling an interior shoot?
Head straight to Pinterest. And then I’ll stack up on fashion magazines which I always find really inspiring for interiors. Seeing certain print clashes and mixes in fashion often lends itself to my work.

Being a prop stylist involves shopping for props for photo shoots – a dream job for many! What inspires you when doing your prop research?
I like visiting places with a really good edit of pieces. Farleys China Dept is pretty amazing. I love spying on who’s shooting what film or TV series. It makes me laugh when you’re watching a movie and you think ‘I know where that tea cup’s from!’

How does your role as an Art Director for clients such as Wedgwood differ from your prop and interior styling work?
I get involved much earlier on in the shoot process and come up with ideas for the overall images as well as for the props. You cast models, choose the location etc. On the day I’m constantly editing images and working closely with the photographer to get the best shot.

How would you describe your interior style?
Pared-back and tonal. Soft. With an emphasis on textures.

Do you have a favourite team/photographer you work with?
Yes. They know who they are! The best teams are really good at what they do and really fun. Shoots can be quite stressful so it’s important to be able to laugh.

Do you have a favourite location you like working in?
I love it when I get to travel. Shooting in a Tuscan villa or a chateau in France is always pretty great. I recently spent four days in northern Italy surrounded by olive groves and eating the best pasta each night after long days shooting.

If you weren’t a stylist, What would you like to be doing?
I’d be a spy. I’ve taken an online test on the M16 website but now I’m telling you I guess I’m scuppering my chances!

I think you have started a blog so do tell us about it!
Yes, it’s called Minford. It’s an interiors and lifestyle journal for grown-ups and their minis. People often find it difficult to make interiors decisions so I try to distil my years of experience into practical advice and inspiration. And I show you where to shop the best pieces. I kept seeing amazing fashion blogs but there didn’t seem to be so many vibrant interior ones. I’m really enjoying it.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens