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Looking back at 2017!

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 28th March 2018

With Spring now approaching it’s a time to look forward to what the year ahead will hold, together with a time to look back on the year that recently closed.

As January 2018 moved into February, March and the bookings for the year ahead rolled in, we wanted to reflect on 2017.  It was a year packed to the rafters with new locations, new clients and a brand new office to move into! Some of our locations had back-to-back bookings and it turned our minds to ponder ‘which locations were the busiest?’

Having whittled the list down to the final 6, we also found it fun to work out what makes certain locations so popular. Whilst each location has its distinctive characteristics that appeal to stylists and photographers, there is a common denominator. All of our popular locations have owners who are lovely and easygoing. Several of them are either photographers or stylists themselves, and by being in the industry, they know what people want. Without a doubt, these things make for more relaxing shoots all around.

So without further ado let’s reveal which of our locations chalked up the most bookings in 2017.

FOREST HOUSE – A key attraction for this black cladding house in the East Sussex Forest is that no one lives there. This means that the shoot team has the whole place to themselves. Factors about the building itself that clients love include the variety of textures on the walls, which are different in most rooms, offering a great deal of versatility. The french doors in the living space are particularly popular among stylists looking to hang curtains. And who wouldn’t love the stunning cladding set amongst the luscious green foliage of this fabulous location?

EAGLE HOUSE – This stunning Georgian House in Bathford has lots of space, high ceilings and a huge hallway with an amazing staircase, all of which give ample scope for clients’ creative requirements. It also has some fabulous details that add a final touch, most notably the quirky plaster cornices.

COTSWOLD BARN – We love this gorgeous converted barn near Malmesbury and it transpires that so do our clients! Its beautiful pool and pool house make it a particularly appealing space for those looking for outdoor furniture shoots. For those needing indoor space, the house exudes a clean yet rustic style. When combined with great light, grand fireplaces, stylish windows and the lovely relaxed owners, you have another highly sought after location.

FOXGROVE ROAD – This large Victorian house in Beckenham is a true gem. The mixture of wood and black cladding in the kitchen has proved a draw for a number of clients, but the whole house offers a plethora of different backdrops for shots. See if you recognise the panelling in the library or bedrooms from a variety of home and interior magazines!

WRAY CRESCENT – This amazing Victorian terrace in Islington offers clients the most beautiful canvas of wood, white hues and light! The stunning living room with large windows, fireplaces, floor and great pull back for shots all appeal to photographers and stylists, as does the beautiful modern kitchen and dining space. Allowing clients the painting and decorating option further enhances its appeal.

Having revealed 5 of our top 6 busiest locations from last year, which was the one that came top of the class? Which was the one that drew the most ardent admirers?

Drum roll please….

Our busiest location of 2017 was……

MARMORA ROAD – Owned by Rose who is an interior stylist and Andrew an architect, this large Victorian House in East Dulwich is divine. It has a great living space and people adore the back living room with french doors, especially if they are looking to hang curtains! The quirky style throughout really appeals to photographers and stylists and this is carried through to the unique pallet shed in the garden, which is also used by clients. As with several who made it to the list, by allowing painting and decorating, this location has bags of versatility.

Did the final 6 surprise you? Are there any others you were expecting to see? We can’t wait to see who makes it to the popular podium in 2018.

Marmora Road's most popular spot.
Some examples of Marmora Road's popular quirky style.
The Beautiful Forest House
The very popular black cladding/interior at Forest House!
The Stunning Eagle House
Floor to ceiling windows and plaster walls at Eagle House.
The stunning pool area at Cotswold Barn!
Beautiful interior at Cotswold Barn
The well known Foxgrove Road kitchen
Wray Crescent's lovely Victorian features
Dining room views and gorgeous kitchen at Wray Crescent
Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens