New Interior Shoot Locations

Suzi Davis Tuesday 24th November 2020

When it came to taking on exciting new interior shoot locations, 2020 kicked off with a bang for Light Locations. By the end of February, we had already welcomed five fabulous new properties and showcased their charms to eager clients.

The world then turned upside down, and our industry came to a grinding halt. With several months of an alternate existence of homeschooling and background office developments, sourcing new locations remained beyond our reach.

As summer greeted us and our industry eased out from behind its lockdown shelter, we began to see a trickle of new and impressive location options to explore. We welcomed three more interior shoot locations and are delighted to have a few more in the pipeline.

2020 has most certainly been an unusual year, but we can’t complain. It’s a year that has brought with it eight sensational new Light Location stars. With this in mind, let’s visit all our new interior shoot locations.

Our new interior shoot locations for 2020

Drift End

This quirky and atmospheric farmhouse in Suffolk is perfect for design or fashion briefs looking for a rustic and rural setting. Filled with props, surrounded by meadows and woodlands and peppered with an abundance of unusual outbuildings, Drift End is unquestionably an exciting option with a great deal to offer.

Princelet Street

This five-storey Georgian Townhouse in Spitalfields radiates evidence of its old East End heritage. From an array of unusual props to rustic floorboarded stairs, an abundance of period features greet you at every turn. An exposed brick outbuilding with lovely natural lighting further adds to Princelet Street’s bewitching charms. Since arriving with Light Locations in January, its unique appeal has seen it rise to be one of our most sought after London locations.

St Peters Road

St Peters in South London is a gentle and captivating gem that also joined the Light Locations portfolio in January. Filled with light, pastels and herringbone parquet flooring, it offers an understated beauty.

Church Road

Church Road is an elegant vicarage in the Buckinghamshire village of Little Marlow and joined Light Locations in early February. Popular from the start, it has considerable internal proportions and wonderful outside space complete with separate coach house. Owned by a fashion stylist who has designed a beautifully decorated interior, knows the business well and is a joy to work with has made the popularity of this location soar.

Weybridge House

This newly completed house in Surrey is simply stunning. Contemporary open spaces showcased by dazzling simplicity are at the core of this beautiful family home. Owned by a photographer, the entire design of Weybridge House is characterised by light. Flooding through large windows, filtering through internal glass partitions and bouncing from wall to floor, the effect is a photographer’s dream.

Anders House

As lockdown lifted, this stunning double fronted Victorian House burst onto the location scene in July. Drawing clients in from day one it has been in constant demand ever since. The house has been designed and styled with shoots in mind, which has certainly paid off. Scope, flexibility, striking interior choices and a London location have all played their part in driving an unprecedented level of demand for Anders House.

Wisteria House 

A recent addition is the absolutely gorgeous Wisteria House. This Georgian house with a converted stable block offers a vast range of breath-taking styling options. From modern concrete floors and contemporary open plan kitchen to period beams, staircases and sash windows, this location epitomises versatility. In the Light Location office, we are particular fans of its fabulous front door, framed by its namesake Wisteria.

Hayes House

A sublime Georgian house located within walking distance to West Wittering beach is our most recent edition. The essence of coastal living is gently sewn into the heart of this beautiful home. Bare floorboards and furniture reminiscent of boardwalks nestle amongst clean white walls. The odds are certainly stacked on Hayes House becoming a client favourite.

In conclusion, 2020 saw a break from our regular activity. However, we are so pleased we could still bring these beautiful new locations into our fold. With two new properties on the horizon, 2021 is already looking bright.

Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis