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On Location with Oliver Bonas

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 13th September 2023

Oliver Bonas is a British lifestyle store known for its distinctive fashion, jewellery, homeware, and gifts. Long-standing Light Locations clients, this well-loved brand chose two of our newest locations to showcase their recent collections.

Let’s look at this iconic brand and find out what drew them to Moon Cottage and Emery House Studio. While doing so, we can peek at the gorgeous shoot results.


Oliver Bonas: Creativity, Ethics and Individuality

Founded by Oliver Tress in 1993, Oliver Bonas has carved a niche for itself by offering innovative designs that reflect individuality and creativity. With a commitment to responsible sourcing, the brand strongly emphasises the ethical production and transparency of its products. The company’s values are rooted in its passion for discovering and championing independent talent, ensuring each product has a unique story and character. Its mission is not only to offer uniquely designed items but also to make a positive impact on the communities it serves.

On Location at Moon Cottage

Moon Cottage joined Light Locations back in February of this year. The ample open space at this single-storey house near Rye in East Sussex offers exposed beams, ceiling rafters and steel windows. But the bare plaster walls attract the most attention, with Oliver Bonas making maximum use of its versatility and appeal to showcase their homeware and furniture.

We particularly love the Rizado white faux sheepskin boucle armchair and can picture ourselves kicking back with a book and a warm mug of cocoa in this chic take on comfort.

Find out more about Moon Cottage here.

On Location at Emery House Studio

Emery House Studio joined us in March. It’s an incredibly pretty space tucked away in a garden in Hammersmith, London. The pitched ceiling skylights flood the studio with light, which dances beautifully around the bare plaster walls and reclaimed floorboards.

Gorgeous green animal print, floral designs and chic stripes featured in the Oliver Bonas shoot at the studio. And once again, the team chose the bare plaster walls to set off their strikingly coloured collections.

Find out more about Emery House Studio here.

Find More Locations

It’s not just Oliver Bonas that’s fallen in love with the plaster wall effect at Moon Cottage and Emery House Studio. This backdrop is a feature that’s been in constant demand throughout 2023. Alongside concrete and clay, plaster walls perfectly combine modern chic with earthy elegance.

Are you looking for more locations that merge contemporary flair with natural sophistication? If so, explore the beautiful plaster-walled bedroom at Sixteen Country House or the captivatingly soft-textured walls at Clay House.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens