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Refreshed Photoshoot Locations

Sophie Hitchens Monday 09th May 2022

Have you spotted any of our refreshed photoshoot locations? Maybe your eagle eyes have seen gorgeous new images of your favourite properties? Or perhaps you’ve been amazed to discover hidden gems at popular places you thought you knew inside out.

Whilst some of our locations need new images when the owners make notable changes to their properties, sometimes it’s because the photographs themselves need a refresh. Let’s look at why location imagery sometimes craves a new lease of life and which Light Locations have been treated to an update.


Why Do Photoshoot Locations Need a Refresh?

We are always keen for a location after a certain amount of time to have a refresh and here are a few reasons why.

Changing Fashions

Sometimes the way a location looked when we took the original photographs may begin to look dated. Fashions change, resulting in the location photos looking old and tired, which detracts from the true beauty of a property.

Lost Locations 

Many of our regular clients routinely search our website for suitable locations. When the same images have been used for years, they are seen repeatedly, making them almost invisible. New images help a beautiful location rise back to reveal itself once more. 

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

A fresh pair of photographers’ eyes will bring a new perspective to an existing location. While Sophie historically took the original shots for all our properties, we are now utilising the skills of Dan and Sara from The Contented Nest to update our properties. 

We are also fortunate to have some fantastic photographers and creatives as location owners. To utilise this talent pool, we sometimes ask the owners to reshoot their locations. Again the result is a fresh approach to an existing location.  

A Different Angle

New images provide an opportunity to show changes to a property, any new areas and different angles to popular properties. This offers up new inspiration and ideas for ways to use a location. 

A New Audience

New images give a reason to push and propel a long-term location back into the limelight. As a result, the property appeals to new photographers, stylists and clients.


Refreshed Photoshoot Locations

While we’ve treated a range of our Light Locations to a refresh in recent years, we’ve picked out four of our favourites. 

Brockenhurst House

This sumptuous Victorian Lodge in the New Forest was overdue a refresh and had become a little lost on the site. Sophie had taken the original shots many years ago, so it was the perfect opportunity to send Dan and Sara in with fresh eyes. They worked their magic, and the new images have drummed up some new work for this gorgeous country house location.

Cotswold Barn

This stunning barn conversion is a very popular location. But the photos were old, and we thought a refresh would give the property a slightly different look. The result? It played a part in propelling Cotswold Barn to the location of the month in March this year. 

Forest House

Another very popular location, this incredible forest dwelling was sporting tired photography. This time we asked the owner to reshoot it. The result? Photography with a different tone which now looks very fresh and contemporary.

Henley House

This new build near Henley-on-Thames was treated to a new set of images, courtesy of Dan and Sara. We think you’ll agree that these fabulous photographs do incredible service to this beautiful and unique space.

Find More Locations

We keep our portfolio small and selective. But our range of Light Locations is constantly changing. Alongside refreshed locations, you’ll also find brand new locations and updated properties. Take a look at what’s new. 

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens