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Why Choose Studio Spaces for Your Photoshoot?

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 18th July 2023

Studio spaces offer photographers something a little different. Open-plan, empty and well-equipped, these locations provide a blank canvas where photographers and stylists can maintain complete control over every aspect of their productions. 

Let’s look at what makes a studio space different and explore some of the best Light Location studio spaces.


What Makes a Studio Space Different?

Studios are dedicated space for a photo shoot. As a result, they are set up to provide a neutral, open-plan space for photographers and their crew.

These specialist locations are fully equipped with everything a photographer needs such as an array of different coloured colouramas (backdrops), stands and possibly coves, which allow for a stage with a plain, single-colour background. You might also find blackout options on windows to control light, lighting and equipment to hire, mirrors and equipment for hair and make up, drinks and snacks to feed and refresh crews. And the added benefit of a studio manager to look after you throughout the day.

The result is a different shooting experience than in a location house, and with so much specialist equipment available, photographers can deliver perfect production quality.


The Changing Demand for Studio Spaces

All product and fashion photographers and crews would shoot in studio spaces in the eighties and nineties. This was the only way to shoot, and if a client wanted a more lifestyle approach, they would hire a set builder to build a set for them with windows and doors which would be styled and painted.

But then location houses made an appearance and in the last 20 years, the industry has discovered that shooting in fabulous properties is often more cost-effective than set-building. And with a wealth of architectural and interior-designed masterpieces on offer, location houses now dominate the photography industry.

For today’s interior shoots, you might still find the occasional brand choosing the studio-building option, but it’s rare. Instead, you’ll find studio spaces largely used by fashion companies, where photographers are looking for a more neutral backdrop. 

To stay relevant, a lot of studio spaces have adapted to include more internal features such as nice windows, floors and great lighting and become more ‘lifestyle’ in appearance rather than a blank, white space. As a result, these lifestyle studio spaces are ones that Light Locations clients favour.


Five perfect studio spaces for photoshoots

Today’s studio spaces for photoshoots are largely white and neutral, with the more fashionable choices offering something a little more rustic. Let’s look at some of our favourite studio spaces for photoshoots. 


Quirky Upper Clapton Road 

This stunning botanical space is known for all its abundant foliage, which has been very on trend over the last few years. Combining its green core with white space means it offers something different and suits both fashion and interior shoots with heaps of plant-based props. The owners have even fitted a cove as a bonus for shoot crews, stylists and photographers. 

Rustic and White Tavistock Works 

This converted warehouse location offers an upstairs empty lifestyle studio space with floor-to-ceiling windows and shutters that people love. With an adjoining bedroom and bathroom space, it’s perfect for interior furniture shoots. Its style is more rustic than a standard studio, and downstairs offers a location house vibe, so it boasts multiple options.

Triple Choice at Tanner Street

Tanner Street is a large Victorian warehouse in London with three huge floors offering different spaces, each hired separately.

  • The Ground Floor offers a vast and contemporary 2352 sq ft of open plan space, complete with industrial red steel pillars.
  • The First floor provides 1150 sq ft with unusual wooden walls and three quirky, rustic-style rooms for added choice.
  • The Second Floor covers 2976 sq ft of open-plan rustic warehouse space filled with rafters and beautiful windows. 

Large and Bright Loft Studio 

This vast and beautiful space is probably our most popular studio space. Its rustic warehouse vibe is hugely appealing, and its white, neutral feel is incredibly versatile. It’s more interesting than the average studio and completely set up for shoots offering lighting, drinks, food, and equipment to shoot crews.

The Beautiful Barn 

This is our own space and offers clients an intimate, private and quiet lifestyle location. It’s not a huge space, but it provides plenty of options with beautiful Crittal doors, resin floor and the option of either a paintable panelled wall or a rustic wooden wall at one end of the studio. It also comes with great access for lorries and easy ground floor accessibility.


Find more studio and warehouse spaces  

We have plenty more photographic studios if you’re searching for a spacious, versatile interior shoot location. Take your pick from our beautiful collection

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens