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Top 5 Shoot Locations of 2023

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 12th December 2023

The evenings have grown longer, the summer is a distant memory, and the holiday season beckons with open arms. As the end of the year approaches, it’s time for the big reveal. Here are the top 5 photoshoot locations for 2023.

The year has been a whirlwind of activity for our stunning venues. Each deserves its moment in the spotlight, yet a few have shone brighter. From fresh faces and locations making a splash to time-honoured spots that never fail to pull in a crowd, each property offers its own special charm. However, five locations have risen above the rest, with relentlessly packed shoot schedules.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the most popular shoot locations for 2023.


No 5: Sixteen Country House

Like Anders House, this location underwent renovation with dual purposes: to accommodate a family and to cater to photoshoots. As a result, it offers a wealth of options for those on the hunt for the perfect location. While it joined us in 2022, it was still going through its transformation, so it’s only this year that it’s been in its full final splendour. And it’s the addition of the kitchen space this year that’s really propelled it into the top 5.

Originally a large Edwardian house with extensive grounds, it packs a photoshoot punch with flexibility and versatility in spades. It allows for a very easy shoot day as it’s neatly tucked away behind gates in a small village location with more parking than you’ll ever need. So, you can rest assured that there’ll be no hassle or interruptions.

Space is also readily available internally, peppered with panelling, feature walls, lovely bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, and hallway. To round it off, the owners are chilled, experienced, and incredibly amenable, so you’ll be guaranteed a smooth and rewarding location experience.

Find out more about Sixteen Country House here.

Sixteen Country House Sixteen Country House in Kent


No 4: Church Road

This stunningly stylish vicarage is a property exclusive to Light Locations and another that’s in the top 5 year after year. Nestled quietly in a little village in Buckinghamshire, it’s an incredibly convenient spot due to ample parking and space. So there’s no issue with delivery vehicles and crew transport.

A favourite since the day we took it on, the success of Church Road lies in its size, beauty, and versatility. Generously proportioned rooms with wonderful spaces in between are all available to paint and decorate.

Gorgeously decorated, areas of consistent appeal are the beautiful kitchen with a freestanding island, Crittall windows, a lovely modern fireplace, period living spaces, and a large hallway. And with owners who are never ones to rest, they added a new pool and contemporary seating area this year, which I am sure clients will enjoy using once spring and summer arrive.

Find out more about Church Road here.

Church RoadChurch Road - a stylish vicarage nestled quietly in a little village in Buckinghamshire


No 3: Anders House

This exquisite double-fronted Victorian house has remained an exclusive offering from us for several years. Since its very first day, it’s been in high demand. In our top 5 for four years in a row now, everybody wants to shoot at this location, and you can see why.

The lovely owners of Anders House are a photographer and his creative wife, who designed the house for family life but also for shoots. As a result, they’ve created a location that’s in constant demand.

Its spacious open-plan kitchen and period living space are the highlights for many clients. With stunning Crittall windows, an elegant parquet floor, and beautiful wall panelling, it’s the perfect setting for many stunning photoshoots. It also boasts wonderful neutral colours paired with dark black and blue highlights, which offer something striking and classic.

Find out more about Anders House here

Anders HouseAnders House - an exquisite double-fronted Victorian house


No 2: Clay House

Joining us in 2022, this property masterpiece is distinct, stylish, and utterly gorgeous. It offers lovely, spacious period rooms, several elegant, curved staircases, a stunning modern kitchen, and a sublime living room flooded with light. It’s a winning combination for clients and crews because the owner has extensive industry knowledge.

But it’s the overall approach to design that transforms this location. Created holistically to flow seamlessly and focus on structures and interiors that make people healthier and happier, it’s a striking construct that makes you want to stop and breathe. The result is a shoot space that exudes escapism, shoots beautifully, and is swathed in a soft and calm appeal throughout.

Find out more about Clay House here.

Clay HouseClay House - a stylish and utterly gorgeous property


No 1: The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse is a new location that joined us at the very end of 2022.  It was an instant hit, largely because it’s one of those properties that just makes you say, Wow!

This stunningly converted house boasts the original clock tower and beams, along with impressive ceiling heights. Its curved archways and expansive Crittall windows and doors enhance its beauty even more. And being a large, open-plan space all on one level, it’s incredibly easy to navigate a shoot around, making it popular with furniture and product shoots.

The space is unbelievably photogenic, and its beautiful plaster effect walls and concrete floors aligning with two of the top 2023 trends have made it one of the most popular shoot options of the year.

Find out more about The Gatehouse here.

The GatehouseThe Gatehouse - a stunningly converted house


Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

2024 has seen each of these locations stand out, thanks to their stylish and adaptable spaces. Consequently, each property has earned a top spot for the year. With everyone looking to the next year, we’re excited to see how 2024 unfolds.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens