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A cup of tea with Lewis Rose Flowers!

Sophie Hitchens Monday 15th June 2020

Claire Morgan is a lady of many talents. An experienced interior and still life stylist, she is also a creative consultant to interior brands, works on property development projects AND is a trained florist. With 20 years of interior styling under her belt, Claire began to explore the floristry string of her bow in 2018.

Lewis Rose Flowers in East London is the result of Claire’s long held dream to own her own Floral Studio. Providing bespoke wedding and event floristry, alongside styling advice and workshops, Claire is able to share her floral artistry and talent with the world. With many people spending more time at home this year and looking to learn a new skill, Claire has recently turned her talents to providing online floristry courses. By showing how you can turn what you have at home, in the garden or foraged from your daily walk into something truly beautiful, Claire’s courses have been bringing joy into people’s altered realities.

We caught up with Claire to talk more about Lewis Rose Flowers and her passion for the floral realm.

What was the defining moment that signified the step to launch Lewis Rose Flowers? 

Lewis Rose Flowers had been bubbling away in my head for years. But I needed to be ready. So, I rented myself a little studio and thought this is it… Lets do it! Having the studio gave me a space to explore and grow.

What about Lewis Rose Flowers gives you the greatest sense of satisfaction?

Flowers aren’t just objects. They trigger happiness and almost always, a memory. “I remember this flower”, or “My Mum loves this flower” is a common quote I hear at my workshops. So seeing someone’s face light up with our flowers or from one of my workshops is such a joy to see and cherish.

Sum up your floral style in 3 words?

Classic, contemporary but with a twist.. oops thats more than 3 words !

If you could only ever use 3 flowers again, what would you choose and why?

Only 3! Hellebore..Known as the Christmas Rose. What more can I say,  they’re just beautiful.

Tulip..They’re a sign of spring, and a new season. Tulips are phototropic, which means they search for the light, and will often bend to find it. They become sculptural objects. Including tulips is a fabulous way of seeing your display animate and come to life.

Rose..a classic, they smell devine and associated with romance. They are also my Mum’s favourite flower.

You have recently begun offering online floral workshops. Has this been a direct response to people social distancing or was it always something you had wanted to develop?

Yes it has been a direct response. As a small business owner, I’ve had to pivot my services to accommodate the current climate. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response.

Can you share details of any upcoming online workshops you have in the pipeline?

Yes, I’m so excited about the next set of workshops. I can’t tell you yet, because I’m just adding the final touches. So watch this space for the future announcements!

You ran a fabulous wreath making workshop at Light Locations last year, which went down a storm! What is your top tip for festive floral displays?

Winter is one of my favourite seasons where foliage becomes your best friend. Try using different colours, textures, shapes and scented foliages to bring interest to your display. Cedar and Fir are fine examples, and will ignite your senses to get you ready for Christmas.

What are you most excited about in the next few years for Lewis Rose Flowers?

Lewis Rose Flowers is growing every year, and I’m so thrilled about the range of workshops and services I’m going to be offering.

Aside from floristry, what inspires your everyday world?

People, whilst teaching and sharing my passion with others.

When did you last do something which scared you a bit?

Being at the top of a ladder at 7am, installing an external arch over a church door when the wedding started at 10am. It was a close call but we made it!

What 5 words would your best friend use to describe you?

So I asked.. Creative, fastidious, hardworking, loyal and funny.

What must you have in your life to make you feel complete, fulfilled and happy?

My cat, my daily coffee, hugs, and my dance shoes. Not necessarily in that order!

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