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Suzi Davis Tuesday 20th July 2021

Fabrics can take our interiors on a global journey and a celebration of our planet through texture, pattern and colour. To illustrate, look no further than recent photoshoots by soft furnishing specialists Prestigious Textiles.

Prestigious Textiles

This family-run wallpaper and fabric business embrace quality and originality at its core.  The furnishings they design and produce continually seek to explore new directions in concepts and colours. And their most recent additions are no exception. Inspired by the world in which we live, their Spring 2021 collections not only take us on worldwide adventures but mark a new phase in eco-friendly textiles.

Whisp at Hayes House

The Whisp Collection looks differently at the world we live in and reflects the need to protect our planet. By utilising a soft pastel palette, Prestigious Textiles make the linens from a new eco collection of recycled materials. With this in mind, they looked to the calm and peaceful appeal of Hayes House to showcase the collection.

Hayes House sits within a whisper of the West Sussex coastline. As a result of its location, its interior exudes the freshness of coastal living, making it a perfect place for Prestigious Textiles to reveal their new sustainable portfolio of fabrics.

Inca Trail at Drift End

Inspired by the warm, earthy tones and geometric patterns of the Aztecs, the Inca Trail collection draws influence from a Peruvian landscape. With that in mind, Prestigious Textiles needed a shoot location with rustic appeal. As a result, they chose to utilise the atmospheric allure of Drift End in Suffolk.

This rural farmhouse oozes character and offers an easy comparison to the history and mystery of the Inca Trail. Drift End offers an enviable array of scope with abundant outbuildings and authentically historic charms.

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Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis