Beyond the Back Door

Suzi Davis Friday 09th April 2021

Warmer weather and the opportunity for small garden gatherings have given many of us a burst of energy to take a fresh look at our outdoor space. Our gorgeous gardens, our green havens and the locations for our open-air adventures close to home.

Spring sprang with a bang in March as many of us enjoyed an early excuse to dust off our sandals and relish the great outdoors. Coinciding with the easing of lockdown restrictions, we have been looking for creative ways to grab the chance to socialise and entertain. Eager to meet friends and loved ones, our gardens have become our new social spaces.

Keen to ignite your creativity and ideas, our theme for April is the glory of our gardens. We’ve picked some of our favourite outdoor inspiration from Pinterest and a selection from our Light Locations that will spark your imagination.

Effortless Entertaining

Even when the temperature isn’t on our side, our gardens are now a place for long-overdue catchups with friends. Despite the temperature plummeting in early April, we have not been deterred. Bundling up in our winter coats we have enjoyed precious social time.

However big or small your outdoor space, a welcome place to sit and chat, enjoy a drink or meal is often all it takes.

Fruitful Gardens

With or without a social gathering, pottering around in the garden might be your favourite pastime. 2020 saw an unprecedented surge of interest in growing our own produce. Window boxes teaming with herbs and new fruit and vegetable ventures.

For many of us, the space beyond our back doors is limited. But with a bit of imagination, pots of chives or towers of runner beans can be woven in amongst existing plants. This is perfectly illustrated at Marmora Road.  Wander up the garden path as you witness the fruits of spring labour, tempting hopes of a bountiful summer harvest.

Summer is Coming

Summerhouse, outhouse or shed, some of us are proud owners of a secret garden hideaway. Others of us may decide that now is the time to invest in our garden cabin dream. Whether your summerhouse needs a reboot, or you need ideas for your new addition, our summerhouse locations offer lots of inspiration.

One summerhouse, in particular, is worthy of a mention. With its abundance of cultivated plants waiting to explode, The Summerhouse near Wandsworth Common is an alfresco gem. Nestled in its green haven lies its outdoor hideaway waiting for its owners to embrace the changing season. It sits patiently, longing for warm summer days when its doors are thrown open to grasp the sunshine.

Summer vibes are now a breath away and it’s time to get excited for the months ahead.

For lots more inspiration follow us on Pinterest and our other social media channels and join us on our outdoor inspiration journey.

Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis