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In the Spotlight: Modern and Contemporary Shoot Spaces

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 09th March 2023

Contemporary properties make striking photo shoot locations. From spacious conversions to epic new-build designs, they offer abundant opportunities. Let’s take a look at six of our favourite modern Light Locations and delve into what makes them so irresistible.


What Makes Contemporary Shoot Locations Appealing

Whilst period properties ooze character and offer a wealth of exciting details, modern shoot locations hold their own appeal. Many showcase unusual materials, such as concrete walls; others boast updated versions of modern classics, such as natural wood. You may find sleek dark walls offset by bright white walls or an uncommon wood stripped back to expose its natural beauty. When partnered with carefully chosen furnishings, these designs offer the perfect combination of modern chic and earthy elegance.

Spaces in contemporary locations are often designed for today’s more multi-functional living, which works equally well for the demands of photo shoot styling and prep. Open-plan spaces can more easily accommodate crews, props and sets and rooms with more fluid roles in everyday life provide increased flexibility and choice.

Whatever these modern locations have to offer, one factor they all share is a design focused on light. Gone are the days of tiny windows and pokey rooms. Today’s property owners, builders and renovators seek a breath of fresh air and abundant natural light, the ideal setting for the perfect photo shoot location.


6 of the Best Contemporary Shoot Spaces

Dower House: A modern setting for a wide range of shoots

Dower house is a gorgeous Californian beach-house style property lying within beautifully simple but extensive grounds just outside London. Built from scratch, this black-clad, one-story home is spacious, elegant and undeniably stylish.

Its appeal as a shoot location lies in its clean lines and open-plan spaces, which flood with light thanks to the wall-to-ceiling windows. And the use of contemporary interior cladding and a striking black bathroom offers a wealth of undeniably modern settings for a wide range of shoots.

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De Beauvoir Road: A unique, sleek exceptional design achievement

De Beauvoir Road successfully illustrates how a strikingly modern property can be found nestled between majestic period homes in an unexpected spot in London.

This black-clad house is unique, sleek and an exceptional design achievement.

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Hogan House: A gorgeously versatile location 

Hogan House is a calming modern space with a spacious open-plan design. The use of glass on walls, ceilings, and staircase entices light to bounce off its white walls and into every corner.

A popular feature of this modern newly built house in Weybridge is its grey brick feature wall, offset by naturally warm wood ceilings and floors. It provides a gorgeously versatile backdrop for a wide range of styling choices.

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The Gin Distillery: A delicious display of contemporary design

The Gin Distillery perfectly illustrates how something old can become incredibly, elegantly new. From a humble beginning as a Victorian distillery, this incredible space is now a deliciously contemporary location.

Packed with nods to its industrial past but boasting modern materials, it displays Crittall windows, heavy black beams and plenty of steel and concrete. And unlike the darkness of a bygone era, this open-plan studio has been designed to flood with light.

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Victoria Road: A strikingly modern transformation

Victoria Road is another modern transformation of a period property. The original Victorian house has been amplified and dragged into the 21st century with the addition of a beautiful multi-level masterpiece. Glass is a predominant material throughout the open-plan bespoke kitchen, dining area and living space, and the result is stunning.

Keen to utilise a wide range of contemporary interior design ideas, the impressive extension at Victoria Road also includes striking black worktops, deeply grained wood and accents of gorgeous leather furnishings.

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The Elms: Sustainably built, beautifully designed

The Elms is a thoroughly contemporary location which utilises modern sustainable building methods. Energy-efficient and ecologically kind, these ideals have taken nothing away from a breathtaking design both inside and out.

Internally, swathes of naturally warm wood cladding is married with soft concrete and clay textures to create a masterpiece in modern interior design. Bare grey walls offer a calm, surprisingly cosy atmosphere, and refreshing concrete floors complement a stunning wooden kitchen. The result is a serene contemporary haven and an incredibly popular photoshoot location.

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Discover More Modern and Contemporary Shoot Locations

Discover our full range of magnificent modern photo shoot locations. From a rejuvenated Victorian house in Hackney to a revitalised chicken shed in Wales, there’s plenty more to explore.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens