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Feature Walls: Wood Clad Walls

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 07th July 2022

Interior cladding refers to a material attached to a room’s walls to add character or insulation. As an interior feature, wall claddings offer an appealing and increasingly popular design choice which can transform a space. And when it comes to cladding, wood is one of the most eco-conscious and beautiful materials available.  Wood being environmentally friendly, renewable and packed with natural character.

Find out more about the beauty of walls clad in wood.  And discover our favourite locations that celebrate their character, offering clients fantastic backdrops for their photoshoot projects.


Feature Walls: Wood Clad Walls 

Using wood to clad walls is a stylish way to add a striking element to an interior. The natural beauty of timber is attractive and adds depth, texture and warmth to a room. And the sheer variety of wood types, textures and treatments provides a wealth of interest and individuality. As a result, feature walls clad with wood appeal to stylists and photographers searching for a character-rich quality to their shoot. 

Our Pick of Locations with Wood Clad Walls  

Rustic Wood

Some of the most striking examples of cladding use nothing more than wood’s raw and rustic beauty to stunning effect. Our old favourite Foxgrove Road was a prime example of this with its incredibly unusual wood-clad wall.

The owners continued to explore the use of wood at their new property 6ixteen Country Cottage, this time illustrating how a pair of boards taken from two logs of the same species will rarely look alike. The result is a rich and varied texture which brings warmth and character to the room and is a beautiful choice for photoshoots.

 On the other hand, the old Foxgrove Road summerhouse, The Pallet Shed, and one of the cabins at Foster House all combine the contrasting characters of different woods to create a montage of textures and colours. And the results are sensational.


Modern Wood

Whilst a rustic approach brings a homely, natural, and warm feel to a space, the versatility of wood can also bring alive a modern and contemporary interior design. For example, the feature walls at The Marline successfully offer a gentle break from the uniformity of contemporary design with the help of the natural tonal variations of wood.

 For different examples of modern design, take a look at the handsome interiors at Kingsley Place and Dower House. In these designs, wood cladding is used to produce elegant and impressive feature walls that complement the chic and sleek contemporary interior characters.  

Painted Wood

Painted wood offers an entirely different approach to cladding your interiors. Gone is wood’s exposed texture and character, but in its place is a peaceful and serene harmony. And when it’s painted white, the results provide a soothing design that makes you want to gather your duvet and snuggle up by the fire. Foster House and our old location Wynchelse House offer the perfect example of this beautiful approach to wood-clad walls.

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens