Five Furniture Inspiration Favourites

Suzi Davis Tuesday 24th August 2021

Are you looking for furniture inspiration?

With many of us spending more time and energy on our interior spaces, the need to fuel our search for furniture inspiration has grown extensively over the past 18 months.

Our Light Locations often stimulate and spark your ideas, with locations such as London Fields or Bath House dripping with fabulous furniture finds. But it’s our furniture clients that can assuredly feed your insatiable desire for interior idea generation.


Five Inspiration Favourites

To help in your search for furniture inspiration, we’ve picked out five of our favourite furniture companies. Five independent brands all focusing on handcrafted sofas, beds and a range of other gorgeous creations. All packing a punch when it comes to transforming your interiors.



Handmade furniture with a laidback vibe. Perfect for loafing.

Soho Home

A modern and divinely stylish interior brand for relaxed and everyday living. We dare you not to be dazzled.

Darlings of Chelsea

The darlings of the handcrafted furniture world. Classic, classy and elegant sofas and chairs.

Helping you to carve your happy place at home with sumptuous sofas and brilliant beds. When it comes to an enjoyable and stylish spot to park your posterior, is full of trendy design options that never compromise on comfort.


A British born and raised interiors brand offering furniture, lighting and accessories. A glorious combination of tradition and innovation.

Need More Furniture Inspiration?

If you need even more ideas to fuel your interior designs, our inspirational journal notes offer bags more ammunition to charge your design adventures.

Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis