Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens


Going Sea Bound with Coastal Inspired Photo Shoot Locations

Sophie Hitchens Monday 18th April 2016

Hands up if you are thinking ahead to summer. Are you dreaming of boardwalks and beaches, swimming pools and sea views?

In case you haven’t noticed, the trend for coastal interiors continues to grow and develop, due in part to their ability to conjure up thoughts of summer whatever the time of the year.

Coastal interiors set a mood, bringing calm when the world around may be feeling stormy. This is what makes them hugely popular photoshoot locations as they bring to mind a set of emotions that make the vast majority of us happy and serene. The nature of these interiors also often provide open space, which makes the perfect canvas for showcasing statement floor lamps or designer furniture.

The coastal interior screams ‘light’ with expansive windows and white or neutral walls. This neutrality allows for sea, sky, sand and shell coloured accessories to combine with a delicious integration of light weathered wood or exposed and earthy features.

To give you some ideas for your coastal-inspired interiors or shoots we’ve picked out 3 of our Light Locations that illustrate and utilize the lure of coastal:

Sussex House

This stunning New England style house in West Sussex utilises weathered wood furniture and seagrass flooring housed in bright white open spaces and encased in external weatherboarding.

The Boathouse

It’s white at every turn at the truly gorgeous house set on the Thames in Middlesex. Its large use of tongue and groove throughout not only provides fantastic backdrops for interior stylists but also exudes the calm that coastal interiors evoke.

Winchelsea House

Set next to the sea near Rye, this rustic seaside house makes use of its coastal heritage with accents of deep sea-blue set against bright whites and stunning internal wood cladding.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens