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Sophie Hitchens


Goodbye Beautiful Somerset Place!

Sophie Hitchens Sunday 02nd July 2017

If you are lucky enough to have visited the incredibly beautiful City of Bath, you cannot fail to have been moved by its distinctive architecture.

The majority of the city’s important buildings are made from local, golden-coloured and striking Bath Stone. These have become synonymous with the skyline, together with the array of architectural crescents built during the Georgian period, which define the city’s identity.

One such crescent is Somerset Place, which has a rich and interesting past. It began with the purchase of land in 1784 by Thomas Paine who wistfully dreamt of houses overlooking the beauty of Bath. John Eveleigh, who suffered bankruptcy during the build, designed the Crescent. As a result, the building project took more than 20 years to complete.

World War II took its toll on the area and some of the crescent was destroyed. After being rebuilt in the 1950s and 60s for Bath College student accommodation and then Bath Spa University, it was sold to private owners.

Interestingly 20 houses were originally planned, but numbers 1 to 4 were never built. Therefore today you will only find numbers 5 to 20.

Today the crescent has been fully rejuvenated into a varied array of maisonettes, apartments and complete crescent houses. Behind each facade lies a different space, which combines a rich history with varying elements of modernity.

One of these spaces is Somerset Place, which is not only a home, but has also been an incredibly versatile and popular photoshoot location for the past year. Many of our clients travelled to use the huge internal space set over 5 floors. The Little Green Paint Company being one example of this, using the space for their recent wallpaper shoot, see photos below.

Sadly the time has come to say goodbye though, as due to personal circumstances, Somerset Place will no longer be used as a Light Location. It has only been with us for a short time but will be hugely missed by our clients, who loved it for its large rooms, big windows and in particular the colour palette in the kitchen/dining room. We will really miss it as the owners were so lovely to deal with and they even bought a fox terrier puppy after meeting Humbie, Sophie’s fox terrier on one of our visits!

Thank you Somerset Place for being one of our favourite locations, a beautiful example of your Georgian heritage and a stunning example of the rich history of Bath.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens