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Sophie Hitchens


Home: Our New Multi Functional Space

Sophie Hitchens Monday 04th May 2020

In a matter of weeks our homes have been transformed into multi functional spaces with us all working from home.

Dining tables have seen their roles change from hosting family dinners to home schooling desks, baking worktops, crafting station and of course the home office.

We found some inspiration from Pinterest and asked Claire Morgan, Interior, prop stylist for her top 10 tips to help you perfect your home office so you can work more efficiently and comfortably .
1. Find a quiet corner, preferably near a window for maximum natural light.

2. Don’t forget to add some additional light for the darker hours of the day.

3. Surround yourself with objects and books that will inspire you if you need a pick up, but not be a distraction. Remember its your space, so decorate it with what inspires you.

4. If you need extra desk space, up cycle pieces of furniture such as a stool or side table to use as an extra surface.

5. Plants or flowers will add colour and a focus point to your home office. Some small indoor plants will also improve air quality. At this time of year Spring flowers will lift your mood with scent and colour.

6. The desk chair is often the most overlooked item, for those of us who spend the majority of the day sitting,. If you can, invest in a good office chair or use soft furnishings such as cushion to make it comfortable. Comfort is key when working from home.

7. Have fun and use a colourful rug to define your work space.

8. If space is limited make sure to use every bit of it. Organisation is key.  Utilise your walls with book shelves or hanging storage baskets.

9. Keep hydrated throughout the day and a ready supply of water close to hand.

10. It’s important to keep your home office tidy. Set aside a couple of minutes at the end of the day to clear away paperwork, mugs and water glasses so your office space is tidy and organised for the next day.

Remember this is your space, your home, your office.  Designed by you to be the perfect working space.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens