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Huts and Hideaways

Sophie Hitchens Monday 13th July 2020

The world is always changing and evolving, but never so radically as in the past few months. Every industry has been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, and location photography is no exception. As the period of lockdown has begun to lift, we see adjustments in the way location shoots take place. One such shift is the increased attraction of interior spaces that readily allow for social distancing and a stronger sense of isolation, such as huts, hideaways and summerhouses.

These hidden secrets are implicitly designed to create a sanctuary located a step away from normality. Often set in beautiful gardens, they offer a world away from the ordinary and a place ripe for creating the stories that stylists search for. These location gems tend to fall into one of two design camps – Light and bright or rustic and atmospheric, with each style offering a different character and ambience. We’ve picked out our favourites to illustrate what these surprise settings have to offer.

Light and Bright

Think fresh Scandinavian styles with light flooding from all angles to create a perfect blank canvas. The skylights in The Summerhouse near Wandsworth Common permit a radiance of sunlight which rebounds throughout the white interior.

The summerhouse at Earlshall Road in London also offers the delight of a bright white interior, this time in stark contrast to the striking depth of its dark exterior. Smaller and more intimate, this space offers a warm and informal atmosphere enhanced with several different wall surfaces that clients relish for backdrop opportunities.

Another blank canvas is the charming summerhouse at Lorn Road with its walls of windows and stylish parquet floor. Many clients have taken the opportunity to paint and decorate its wonderful panelled walls from candy colour pink to heather green.

Rustic and Atmospheric

Think Nordic style huts reminiscent of fairy tale cabins or vintage summerhouses dripping with the essence of a bygone era.

The Pallet Shed with its striking black-clad exterior, reveals a unique and special space. Popular with clients, this magical rustic location offers a captivating backdrop for stylists and photographers. Hidden away behind its pretty London garden façade it oozes clandestine character.

The Shed near Watford similarly offers a depth of character. Upon entering you are immediately surprised away by the unexpected size of the space. But it’s the vintage appeal of the shed that captivates and offers something a little different. Stripped wooden floorboards, a feature plaster wall and bold Crittal windows set the scene. Personality is then layered with a gorgeous rustic sliding door and plentiful vintage props.

Can’t Decide?

If you are undecided on your preference for rustic and atmospheric or light and bright, look no further than Foster Cabins in Kent. Two very different styles set in one serendipitous spot. A light, bright and white Scandinavian inspired rustic retreat cabin full of the earthy character reminiscent of folklore and fairy tales? You decide….

The Summerhouse situated in a stunning garden in South London
Hidden gem at the bottom of the garden of Earlshall Road
Another beautiful space in the garden of Lorn Road
The Pallet Shed at Marmora Road
The rustic interior of The Pallet Shed
The incredible space of The Shed at Nightingale Road
External and internal beauty of Foster Cabins, Kent
Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens