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Sophie Hitchens


In the Mood for Pink

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 03rd July 2018

With more than 3,000 followers on Pinterest and high volumes of repining activity, our Light Locations boards appear to be a great source of interior ideas for people. Our clients, especially stylists, use our pins to create mood boards as part of their design process. Collecting imagery around a central design theme, they use Pinterest for inspiration.

Way back when mood boards were used almost solely in the fashion design industry. As the ability to visually share images exploded with the rise of the Internet and then social media, the use of mood boards spread across all creative industries.

At the outset of preparing for a pitch or project, creative people can often face that block of a blank page. Starting to bring together a board based on the early hint of an idea helps that idea to grow. For stylists, it helps them to illustrate in one place a visual representation of the idea they are looking to portray within a shoot. It provides something to present to clients, giving them an indication of what the fully finished set might look like. This can help save a lot of time and effort by getting approval before the fully worked idea is complete. A picture paints a thousand words and a visual representation is less susceptible to misunderstandings than verbal descriptions. It helps all parties to understand what a final idea is likely to feel like.

A favourite approach to mood boards amongst many is to start by focusing on colour. Colour is a powerful way to set the tone for a creative project. Pink, in particular, is growing in popularity and we are seeing more magazine spreads that have clearly taken inspiration from shades of pink – from calming pale pink, to stimulating shades of vibrant hot pink and magenta.

We all love pink at Light Locations so take a look at our pink inspired locations below and have a look at our Pink Board over on Pinterest and see which shade of pink you are in the mood for.

Stunning lacquered Douglas Fir kitchen at Clapham House.
Love this kitchen!
Beautiful muted pink at Kempe Road.
Pink working perfectly in the living room at Kempe Road.
Pink being used at our very much missed Homewood House!
Summery pink shades at Park Avenue South
Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens