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Instagram Inspiration

Sophie Hitchens Saturday 22nd May 2021

Instagram is a fantastic tool to find inspiration. From beautiful imagery to stunning interiors, there is always something on my feed that brightens my day and sparks new ideas.

To share the #instalove, I’ve picked out 5 of the accounts that I currently adore, and to be honest, I am just a little obsessed with!  They are all uplifting, delightful and simply beautiful. Take a look, and I promise they will inspire you too.


I found this account in 2020 when Susanna approached us to take on her house as a shoot location. From the moment we saw Bath House, we adored its gorgeous open-plan spaces, and @shnordic heavily features this stunning 1960’s converted split level, black-clad house. I love Susannah’s use of video footage, how she shares family life and provides an abundance of interior inspiration. Check out her sweet cat too! Totally adorable.


I have followed this account for years, and there is never an image I haven’t loved. Sally Denning runs @blackshorestyle, is an interior stylist and client of ours. I adore the interiors that Sally shares, which always have a rustic and simple feel and her eye is brilliant so all the photos are always inspiring. I also love to follow Sally’s updates to her house along the way.


This is a new account I have just started following and one with which I have fallen heavily in love with. It always cheers me up seeing beautiful seasonal flowers on my feed, and Janne creates the most amazing set ups and takes the most beautiful photos.


Bailey’s shop is situated at Whitecross Farm, Ross-on-Rye which used to be on our books as a shoot location. So, I love seeing what is going on at the farm and the store. The shop is always incredibly well-styled, totally inspirational and the products are just beautiful. I love the Baileys style and just wish the shop was more local.


I have actually considered unfollowing this account as I get complete house envy every time I see a post. If you haven’t heard about The Modern House, it’s an estate agent with a difference, and I love their alternative approach to the standard estate agents. It does constantly make me want to move to a new house, though. Our house has never fitted in with the standard estate agents so when we decide to move, we will definitely be putting our house with this company.

All properties have a creative element to them, whether it’s the build or the interior, and they are always so interesting. If you love houses and interiors, this is a must-have account to follow.

More Instagram Inspiration

Are you looking for even more inspiring Instagram accounts? Why not take a look at who else we follow? We like to keep those we follow to a small and manageable stream of lovely, uplifting and inspirational people, brands and profiles.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens