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Popular Hallway Photoshoots Locations

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 15th September 2021

When taking on a new photoshoot location, you might be surprised to find that we fixate a little on the hallway. Yes, you’d expect questions about feature fireplaces or glorious gardens, but why would we crave detail about the hallway?

Let’s see why these rooms are an important feature and show you some of our popular hallway photoshoot locations.


Why Are Hallways Popular?

The purpose of a hallway is to invite you in. It encourages you to step inside, kick off your shoes and close the door to the world. And when it comes to photography, this feeling is replicated as welcoming images of hallways draw you into the world the stylists create. They invite your attention, and for this reason, they are a popular hotspot for a photoshoot.

In addition, as hallways are the first part of the interior you experience, they introduce the style of a location. Small and perfectly formed, they can offer stylists a nod to a period in history, a suggestion of contemporary elegance or a dash of interior design drama.

But the main reason why people choose to use these rooms is the key design feature of many hallways, the stairs. Staircases bring height and interest. And many stylists utilise curved bannisters, angular handrails, or fancy balusters to drape foliage or intertwine pretty embellishments. Christmas shoots in particular take advantage of staircases with cascades of festive decorations adorning the railings.


The Hallway Photoshoot Fans

When it comes to who uses hallways for shoots, it won’t be the brands offering large pieces of furniture as there simply isn’t the space. Instead, you will see window dressings, floor, and wall coverings beautifully represented. We see a regular stream of flooring brands using the staircase to show off their hardworking carpets and hallway floors dressed in their luxurious rugs.


Simply Popular Hallways

So now you know why hallways are popular in the interior photoshoot industry. But which ones are the most popular?

With many styles on offer, sometimes simple is the best. Paired back floors and clean, uncomplicated walls provide shoot teams with a blank canvas that grant a stronger voice to props and products.

A great example of simplicity at its best is the ever-popular Hayes House. Rustic stairs, exposed floorboards and cosy, naturally lit corners offer considerable appeal.


Period Features


Whilst a simple style offers versatility, many of our popular hallway locations provide a study in period detail.

For many clients, this will align with a specific design brief. And it can range from the subtle to the dramatic.

For example, Princelet Street displays rustic notes of days gone by, compared to Wisteria House, which provides gentle historical drama. Eagle House, on the other hand, proudly offers two variations of period elegance.


A Modern Wow Factor

Despite the unwavering appeal of simple or period hallways, sometimes a shoot crew need a little wow factor. By offering a sense of drama in a small space, a hallway can provide a dramatic effect without overwhelm.

For a delicious example of modern wow, the Scandinavian hallway and staircase at Bath House offer their charms, perfectly framed by critical windows and steel handrails.

Shoreham Beach is another masterpiece of modern architecture, and its hallway is no exception. With a modern concrete-encased space, it certainly provides a unique and impressive option.


So, there we have it, plenty of reasons why hallways are important for photoshoots. And we’ve also shared with you a selection of our favourites. Whether simple, stylish, historical, or amazing, the purpose of a hallway is to welcome you. And in our opinion, they can be one of the best rooms in the house.

If you have a suitable house, you think would look at home in a glossy magazine or lifestyle journal, why not get in touch.

And if this has whetted your appetite to consider a hallway overhaul, or to include them in your next interior photoshoot, find even more inspiration from additional Light Locations.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens