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Sophie Hitchens


Looking Back on 2021

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 29th December 2021

We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and you’re enjoying some time off! As we race towards the end of another year, we always enjoy taking a moment to look back and reminisce. The years always pass by in the blink of an eye. So, we like to remind ourselves of everything that has happened.

We reflected on a year that began with uncertainty but became filled with bundles of joy, gorgeous new locations, heat pumps and new collaborations. Here are the highlights.


Rolling with the Changes

As the New Year dawned, we were hopeful that the end of restrictions was on its way. As we all now know, it wasn’t to be as January took us into another full-scale lockdown. Home-schooling reappeared, gyms closed their doors, and Netflix became the favourite family pastime.

But for Light Locations, this lockdown was more manageable. We were all in the groove of working from home and because of all the guidelines put in place the previous year, our industry steamed ahead, socially distanced, and safe for everyone involved.

We returned to the office in May with a new split week routine. Three days in the office and two days at home meant we had the summer months to enjoy the best of both worlds. With the onset of Autumn and a few team changes (more on that later!), we went back to working from the office full time to enable Chloe to learn her new role.


Gorgeous New Locations

2021 saw us add a host of fantastic new locations to our portfolio. We embraced the exceptional variety of properties in unique settings, from the cute little Crowood cabin nestled in Wiltshire woodland to the chic Marline and Hayes House both set beside the sea. And we welcomed impressive locations such as the Orangery on a historic estate to The Flower Factory a London based lifestyle studio space. All with their unique architectural styles and distinctive internal designs.

Without wanting to leave any of our new Light Locations out, we must mention the magnificent Belgrave Road and Wisteria House, sublime London Fields and Bath House, and the beautiful 6ixteen and Coldstream Barn.

And last but by no means least, we rounded off the year adding The Elms to our portfolio of Light Locations. This stunning silvered timber-clad house, full of eco-friendly and environmentally conscious features. It even boasts a beautiful natural swimming pool.

New Imagery

With lots of photoshoot locations joining us during 2021 and locations in need of updates, Sophie decided to move away from capturing our sites on film to concentrate on other areas of the business. It’s something Sophie had been considering for a while, and when the chance arrived to pass the role to a professional team, the opportunity was too good to ignore.

Team Contented Nest, Dan Duchars and Sara Bird took over photographing our new Light Locations and updating existing ones. The collaboration works really well, Sophie enjoys working with the duo, and it’s lovely to have some fresh, new photography on the site.

Bundles of Joy

One of the most significant pieces of news for the Light Locations team arrived in October with the appearance of Madeleine’s gorgeous bundle of joy, Billy. Sadly, this means we don’t get to see Madeleine every day as she takes time out to enjoy her new adventure. But we look forward to her visits and her weekly Monday WhatsApp photo of little Billy!

With Madeleine busy enjoying her new bundle, it allowed us to welcome some young blood and a new face to the team. Chloe joined us in August to cover Madeleine’s maternity leave and has slotted in brilliantly. She picked everything up so quickly and has settled right into the office. With the exuberance of youth, we love having Chloe as part of the Light Locations team.

Eco Happy

2021 saw us take rewarding steps on our journey to working in the most environmentally friendly way we can. We already had solar panels providing us with electricity, and this year we stepped away from oil and invested in air source for heating. This change feels good and we look forward to continuing to do our little bit for the environment.

When it came to the day-to-day way we work, 2020 and the impact of Covid excelled how we think about our impact on the planet. With the move to working from home, we took the opportunity to become paperless. And for 2022, we will be making a big push trying to encourage everyone that works with us to be more environmentally aware on their shoot days.


 Another Year Over

So, there we have it, the 2021 highlights for the Light Locations team. With exciting plans to continue our eco-friendly journey, and an impressive new exclusive location underway for 2022 (watch this space!), we can’t wait to welcome the New Year.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens