Mastering a Monochrome Interior

Suzi Davis Thursday 06th May 2021

Spring can be the time to try something a little different. An excuse to be a little daring. It could be the opportune time to experiment with a monochrome interior.

Have you always been afraid to use black in your interiors? Or do you think that shades of grey might be a little dull? A monochrome interior might be the spice you are looking for in your search for new inspiration.

For the uninitiated, a monochrome interior is painted and decorated in shades of a single colour. It is most commonly but not exclusively black and white. Picture the stunning simplicity of black and white photography. It’s an approach to design that artists and designers have been using for centuries. And it’s a trend that today’s creative individuals and industries have successfully updated.

Monochrome interiors make fabulous Light Locations as they create superb backdrops, stylish and uncomplicated. With a palette benefitting from contrasting yet complementary tones, stylists scramble to take advantage of what they can offer. Here we’ve picked out some of our favourite black and white examples. And with monochrome as our theme for May, find more inspiration on our social channels.

Classic Black and White

The classic approach to a monochrome interior focuses on the extremes, the blacks and the whites. Similar to the timeless class of Dior inspired black and white fashion, this colour combination equally oozes elegance for interior design.

But don’t be fooled into believing classic means old-fashioned. Today’s interiors bring new materials and designers with fresh ideas that maximise the distinction between black and white. The bold kitchen at Anders House cleverly illustrates how the simplicity of a bold contrast provides a powerful effect.

The Gin Distillery also benefits from the elegance of this simple contrast technique. In this instance, the power of black is used to create linear accents for visual effect. This is achieved through the use of Crittall windows, iron railings and room steels.

The New Monochrome

Whilst the classic combination of black and white is a winner, monochrome isn’t merely about black and white. It can be about utilising all the shades within a single colour to create a warmer, more decadent alternative to the timeless appeal of black and white.

A growing number of modern designers and creative homeowners choose to utilise the full extent of the black and white palette. As a result, they employ the shades of grey that it includes. The prevalence of current material trends such as concrete and stone materials provide a growing range of stylish options. Our London Fields and Englefield Road locations illustrate how utilising these materials lend themselves wonderfully to this style. At London Fields, the stunning use of marble adds further visual interest.

Mastering a Monochrome Interior

Whether you choose a classic or modern approach to monochrome, adding texture is the key to mastering a monochrome interior.  As a result, it will avoid a design falling flat, particularly when the focus has centred on the use of black and white.

Wood in particular can be a notable balancing material. This is illustrated perfectly with the beautiful parquet floor at Anders, the more subtle kitchen island at Englefield or the striking cupboards at Victoria Road.


A monochrome interior can be a fantastic way to experiment and inject a modern twist into a classical favourite. In conclusion, if you’ve always assumed black is a no-no, now could be just the moment for a rethink.

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Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis