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Multi talented Louisa Grey

Sophie Hitchens Friday 18th November 2016

Louisa Grey is a busy stylist and interior designer and also owns a photo shoot location. With three different strings to her bow, we asked Louisa more about how she approaches the 3 different strands of her working life.

How would you introduce you and your work in one sentence?

Evolution is central to my approach in design.

Your company House of Grey is a creative Interior Design studio. What approach do you apply to the spaces you work with?

We approach each project with energy and functionality as this is key for making our spaces really work hard for the client. With the increasing lack of space in our everyday lives, we design spaces that encourage comfort and calm for our clients. I trust my intuition with all our design work and over see all of our projects personally.

Wray Crescent is a stunning house which clearly follows your love of cool grey interiors – What was your inspiration when designing this beautiful Victorian terrace?

I had a very clear idea of the design and direction that I wanted the house to follow. I am rather inspired by Danish design and this was a heavy influence with the light and soft hues I have painted the house. Our architect drew up several sets of plans as I wanted the space optimised. This allowed us to walk through how we would use the space and this enabled us to renovate the house and it works extremely well. We had a list of requirements and of course a budget but this combined with my experience in designing has meant we have been very happy with the layout.

Tell us about the project of doing up Wray Crescent – What was the state of the building in when you bought it?

The house had been owned by the same family for over 60 years and they where keen to sell to a family, which was lucky for us as there where 12 offers on it. It needed fully renovating from top to bottom. We lived on the middle floor for 3 months (as the roof leaked and the basement was too cold and damp) so this was the driest floor.
Originally the house had three kitchens in it with one on each floor so we ripped them out which was a very satisfying cathartic process. I tried to do as much of the work as I could before the builders started (but we did have a new born so this was when he was sleeping). I feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy the light and space here, especially when I remember back to how it was when we first moved in.

What has been your favourite photoshoot that took place at Wray Crescent?

A Homes and Gardens shoot that Ali Brown styled and Damien Russell shot. They really used the main living space so you could appreciate the high windows and had a lovely huge dining table across the three windows, which is exactly what the space was designed for.

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of utilising their home as a photo shoot location?

I definitely think it helps if you are in the industry as you know what to expect. You need to be pretty relaxed and sociable. I feel super fortunate as I get to see stylists or photographers that I do not work with regularly. Which is so lovely and definitely the bonus part of renting the house for shoots…

When not working at House of Grey or being on site at Wray Crescent you provide styling for interiors and food. What do you look for when taking a brief in this area of your working life?

I accept projects / brands which interest me and I know I can push the boundaries with. It also very much helps to work with creatives who I am inspired by their work so this always sways me when accepting work.

Do all 3 different strands of your working life always work in harmony?

I am very lucky that the three strands do compliment each other very well, but add motherhood in to the mix and it is rather a juggling act. I have made sure the office is situated at home so I can see my son a lot otherwise I would not have that luxury of spending such a good amount of quality time with him.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens