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In the Spotlight: North London Shoot Spaces

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 17th November 2022

London is a hub for the photographic industry, and shoot spaces in North London are in high demand. Let’s look at what makes the area special and delve into a few of our favourite Light Locations in the neighbourhoods of Finsbury Park, Islington and Highgate.


What Makes North London Special?

North London usually refers to the areas of London which lie north of the River Thames. Bordering the capital’s financial district, it extends from Finsbury to the Hertfordshire border of Greater London. It includes the affluent areas of Regent’s Park, Islington and Highgate and the leafy locations of Hampstead Heath and Waterflow Park.

Alongside pockets of Georgian grandeur, north London was primarily rural (grouped into the areas known as Finsbury), with marshy ground restricting development until Victorian times. But with 19th-century industrialisation came railway and canal development, resulting in urbanisation and economic growth.

The North London of today boasts a cosmopolitan vibe with an enticing combination of multicultural hangouts and a lively social scene. The area is typified by Victorian design, with many properties renovated, remodelled and transformed. It’s no surprise that North London offers a wealth of stunning shoot spaces.


3 of the Best North London Shoot Spaces

Clay House: A Renovated Victorian Terrace in Finsbury Park.

Finsbury Park is a late 19th-century public park occupying almost 125 acres and sits at the heart of North London. With much of the park’s original design features beautifully restored, it typifies the modernisation of the area whilst maintaining its Victorian roots.

Located close to Finsbury Park, Clay House is a Victorian terrace with a modern extension, remodelled layout and contemporary interior. By far, the most stunning shift from a Victorian home to a 21st-century abode is an innovative use of clay. Originally a 19th-century tailor’s house, it is now a masterpiece in modern interior design and a very popular photo shoot location.

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De Beauvoir: A Grand Design in Islington

Islington is historically an old village renowned for beautiful Regency architecture that attracts many residents. Home to several museums, including the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art and the London Canal Museum, it’s an area with deep roots in the past. However, it also possesses a robust 21st Century vibe, typified by trendy restaurants, desirable boutiques and remodelled properties.

One such contemporary property lies on De Beauvoir Road. This black-clad house, nestled between terraced London brick houses, is unexpected, unique and an exceptional design achievement.
The undeniable masterpiece of design at this Light Location is the huge picture window in the upstairs lounge. Looking out over the changing season of leafy London, it’s a phenomenal spot.

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Kingsley Place: A Stylish Conversion in Highgate

Highgate is another beautiful London village. Just a few steps from Hampstead Heath, Highgate offers glorious city views and a lively community. Whilst located near central London, it’s surrounded by Highgate Wood, making it feels worlds away from the buzz of the capital. The area includes a mix of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian housing, peppered with 20th-century homes and funky 21st-century renovations.

Just off North Hill, you’ll find Kingsley Place, a modern, converted 60s bungalow. The insightful current owners transformed a derelict, outdated and compact property into this stunning contemporary open-plan home. With its retro architectural lines treated to a new lease of life, we love Kingsley Place and its history from humble 1960s beginnings to modern open-plan beauty. Squirrelled away in its peaceful sanctuary, it’s a slice of welcome serenity from the hustle and bustle of its city location – both as a home and a photo shoot location.

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Discover More North London Shoot Spaces

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens