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On Location at Clay House

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 19th January 2023

Over the course of 2022 many clients went on location at Clay House, the remarkably renovated Victorian terrace in Finsbury Park. Since joining us in February last year, this masterpiece of design has captivated clients with its beautifully flowing spaces and took our top spot as busiest location of 2022!   

We look at what makes Clay House so achingly appealing. And we showcase the companies who chose the location for their furniture and homeware shoots.


What Makes Clay House Special?

You can feel a sense of calm contentment and elegant tranquillity in every corner of this exquisite location. Originally a Victorian terrace, its creative owner Louisa Grey has remodelled the layout, added a modern extension and utilised her innovative approach to style.  

The use of clay and concrete was pivotal to the design, and the result is an aesthetic that transports you beyond the confines of a London location to warmer continental climates. And clay is a material that photographs beautifully, which, when combined with Louisa’s minimalist design approach and selection of naturally inspired furnishings, provides an interior with endless photoshoot opportunities.

An added feature many clients value is the flexibility of the kitchen space. Louisa designed the area to live holistically, allowing effortless shifts from work to play and everything in between. As a result, you’ll find features such as a moveable kitchen island which you can roll into different positions – even out onto the outside space.


On Location with Homes & Gardens  

Homes & Gardens utilised the soft colours and delicate features at Clay House for a feature on natural textures and patchwork patterns coming together with a focus on sustainability. 

The piece highlights the natural lime-based paint collection from House of Grey, Louisa’s interior design studio, and offers a beautiful introduction to gorgeous furnishings from many fantastic brands.  


On Location with Barker and Stonehouse 

Barker and Stonehouse are furniture retailers who believe in quality and craftsmanship. With an ethos of buy better, buy once, their sustainable mindset led to being the first furniture retailer to be awarded Carbon Neutral+ status.  

The high calibre and workmanship of their pieces were more than evident in their photo shoot at Clay House, with their elegant furniture looking entirely at home throughout the location.


On Location with M&S 

M&S furniture is perfect if you’re overhauling your interiors or just looking for that finishing touch. From practical coffee tables to swanky armchairs, their furniture is both functional and stylish. 

For their recent photo shoot, the limewashed clay walls offered the perfect backdrop to showcase a fun and appealing choice of M&S furniture and furnishings. 


On Location with Alternative Flooring 

Alternative Flooring has inspired textile lovers to put their personalities on their floors over 25 years. Offering carpets, rugs and runners, they provide flooring you can’t help but fall in love with. 

With its warm tones and elegantly simple furnishings, Clay House was perfect for showcasing Alternative Flooring’s recent collections. Alternative flooring that deserves as much attention and adoration as any other interiors feature.

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens