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On Location with Self Portrait at Palace Road

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 20th September 2023

Self-Portrait is a contemporary fashion house widely acclaimed for its intricate designs and sophisticated aesthetic. Seamlessly blending modernity with elegance, the brand is a beacon of innovative style in today’s fashion landscape. In a move that marries the old with the new, they recently selected our Victorian location, Palace Road, as the backdrop for their latest campaign to shoot their clothing collection for the younger generation.


Modern Elegance Defined

Founded by Han Chong in 2013, Self-Portrait is a London-based label. It emphasises the art of feminine drapery, precise lacework, and innovative textiles, providing unique interpretations of classic silhouettes.

Dedicated to creating collections that are accessible while maintaining luxury craftsmanship, the fashion house stands for modern elegance and empowerment, enabling women to express themselves confidently. The brand deeply values authenticity creativity, and strives to produce fashion that resonates with the individuality and spirit of the contemporary woman.

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On Location with Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait chose Palace Road to showcase and introduce its range for the younger generation. Designed in London, the collection features styles inspired by the brand’s feminine codes and iconic details. Photographer Deo Suveera and stylist Julie Vianey, were on board, delivering images that highlighted the easy-going designs and lively patterns of the outfits.

The simplicity of the outside space at this beautiful location was a fitting choice for the shoot. ideal for the shoot. The summerhouse, present on site, added a fun twist, serving as a backdrop that hinted at playful childhood memories.

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Palace Road, nestled in the heart of Tulse Hill, is a captivating double-fronted Victorian residence that promises both charm and versatility for any shoot.

As you step inside, you’re greeted by a generously sized living room that seamlessly flows into a contemporary kitchen. An adjacent luminous office space becomes an ideal spot for those seeking a blend of comfort and productivity. With four spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms, the house provides ample space for various setups. The house boasts a consistent white palette, accentuated by its authentic floorboards and grand windows that drench the interiors in natural light. For those looking to add a personal touch, the owners are open to painting and decorating to suit specific needs.

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Sophie Hitchens

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