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Our Favourite Shoot of 2023: Disney Home x Sanderson

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 16th January 2024

2023 was an incredible year for us as we saw the results of dozens of gorgeous photo shoots, but one particular shoot was our favourite: Disney Home X Sanderson at The Orangery. This collaboration united the whimsy of Disney with the timeless elegance of Sanderson Fabrics, creating a magical collection. The collection was beautifully captured on camera and video at the impressive 18th-century Orangery on The Broadlands Estate near Bournemouth.

To find out more about the background to our favourite shoot of last year, we caught up with one of our favourite clients Emma Coles, the stylist from Sanderson who directed the shoot.


A Magical Collaboration

Disney Home x Sanderson unveiled a collection featuring 12 whimsical prints, ranging from archived designs to newly crafted patterns. The collection exudes a timeless aesthetic with a universal appeal, capturing the essence of Disney’s enchantment and Sanderson’s classic elegance. With a focus on sustainability, these fabrics were crafted using traceable, eco-friendly sources. The shoot was a visual feast, with an array of flowers and animals adding to the magic.

Behind the Scenes: The Magic Unfolds

Organizing the shoot was an adventure in itself. Emma, who art-directed the shoot, told us, “It was such a pleasure to art direct, from initial ideas through to fruition; it felt magical, creative and fun”. The flowers, artfully arranged by Mirum from Studio MIM, brought Emma’s vision to life with their beauty and vibrancy.

Animal Antics

The beautiful deer, owl and rabbits were all sourced from across the UK by Urban Paws, an animal agency, added a lively and charming dimension to the shoot. Emma told us, “While the rabbits’ droppings on the sofa provided a humorous, behind-the-scenes moment, it underscored the reality of photoshoots – they’re not always as glamorous as they seem, but the end result is always worth it.”

Smooth Sailing

Despite the many live elements, the shoot went remarkably smoothly, a testament to the skill and collaboration of the entire team. Emma added, “Their creativity, support, and hard work were vital to achieving more than anyone could have hoped for..”

A Stunning Location

With its unique and beautiful setting, the Orangery in Hampshire played a crucial role in the shoot’s success. The location’s quirky charm and elegance perfectly complemented the Disney Home x Sanderson collection, making it an integral part of the shoot’s magic.

A Successful Launch

The film of the shoot, previewed at Electric Cinemas, received fantastic feedback, marking a successful culmination of this enchanting collaboration. Everyone involved felt proud, as the moment highlighted the fruits of a well-executed creative vision.

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens