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Sophie Hitchens


Our Top 5 Locations of 2018!

Sophie Hitchens Friday 25th January 2019

As we headed towards the close of a fabulous 2018 at Light Locations, we took the opportunity once again to sit down with a mince pie in hand to look back on which locations also experienced a wonderful year.

As we looked back through our booking schedule to see just which locations were the most popular, we relived and reminisced on some amazing shoots we were proud to have been involved in. Whilst each and every one of our Light Locations have their individual charm and appeal, the locations that made it to the top 5 for 2018 undoubtedly have the most universal appeal, making them the most versatile choices for our clients.

With that in mind, can you guess which of our locations were the busiest in 2018?

NO 5.  The striped floorboards and expanses of white walls have made the huge double fronted Victorian House New Cross our 5th busiest location of 2018. Located in London, this empty property has been designed for shoots and as such is so versatile, light and big. Set over 3 floors it boasts no less than 6 large shoot spaces which flood with natural light.

NO 4.  One of our new properties that have made the top 5 this year is Cheam House. Having only joined us in April 2018, this old rectory in Surrey has seen demand from clients keen to utilise its huge spaces and beautiful period features.

NO 3.  The colourful and updated Marmora Road was our busiest location of 2017.  Still in high demand, it has made it into the top 5 for another year. Having the additional space of a unique and rustic summerhouse with a pallet clad wall has proven once again to offer huge appeal.

NO 2.   Another location that has made it to the top 5 for a second year running is the stunning Forest House hidden in the East Sussex forest. The setting for this location is most certainly one of the factors that make it so popular, together with its versatile interior with a variety of wall textures. It’s also one of our empty properties which means that it has the appeal for shoot crews to have the whole place to themselves.

*NO 1*. Wray Crescent, the stunning Victorian terrace in Islington is not only back in the top 5 for another year, but this time it holds the crown for the number one spot.  Its beautiful living space with floor to ceiling windows, fabulous modern kitchen and stunning bathroom continues to remain resolutely popular with clients. The fact that it has been designed and is owned by a talented stylist further adds to its allure. Clients value that this means the owner knows what they expect and what works.

Well done to all our locations. The question now is which of our current or future locations will come out on top in 2019?

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens