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Feature Walls: Panelling

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 09th March 2022

Feature walls such as panelled walls make an ideal backdrop for lifestyle photoshoots, and clients often choose a location purely for the backdrop options on offer. 

Over the coming months, we’ll be taking you through the most popular backdrops for lifestyle photoshoots in a series on wall features, covering more about what they are and what makes them so appealing. 

We kick off the series with panelled walls as they endure as the most popular choice for our stylists and photographers.

Feature Walls: Panelling

Tell Me More About Panelled Walls

There are many different types of panelling, all of which add character and interest to lifestyle shoots. You can find plenty of options from traditional wood or ornate styles to modern and unusual colours and materials.

As a design decision, panelled walls bring shape to a room and frame the furniture and contents of the space. And in a similar vein, photographers and stylists choose panelled backdrops to skillfully bring structure to their sets.

Our Pick of Locations with Panelling

Ornate Panelling

The origins of ornate panels lie in 17th-century French interior design. As a result, when spotted in today’s interiors, it offers sentiments of grandeur. Belgrave Road displays exquisite examples of ornate panelling.

Traditional Panelling

Traditional panelling provides the most flexible options for photographers and stylists. As a result, they are amongst the most sought after panelled backdrops.

Cheam House and Princelet Street offer beautiful examples of traditional panelling in solid, handsome colours.

Dark and Impactful

The choice of colours used in your wall panels can have a dramatic effect. Eden Hall Cottage, Anders House and Foxgrove Road (sadly no longer a Light Location) perfectly illustrate how dark and impactful colour choices provide a moody and atmospheric result.

Or Light and Airy?

On the other hand, choosing a pastel or white palette can result in a beautiful sense of calm and composure. Here, Anders House and our old favourite Foxgrove Road show how choosing paler colours offers a light and airy result. And with both properties showcasing different palettes, they illustrate how colour can bring dramatically different characteristics throughout a single property.

Discover More

Find plenty more examples of panelling at our Light Locations.  And for those of you wanting more panelling design ideas, we’ve collected an even broader choice over on Pinterest.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens