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Our Pick of Locations with Kitchen Islands

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 10th May 2023

A well-designed kitchen island provides a fantastically functional addition to your kitchen space and a special spot in your home where family and friends can come together. They offer extra counter space and storage and can deliver an eating area, sink or home for many gadgets and appliances. And however you choose to use an island, they allow you to incorporate a gorgeous worktop material or unusual colour or texture for a distinctive interior design. 

But it’s not just adding function to a beautiful home where kitchen islands excel. They make a fantastic addition to a location in the photo shoot industry, offering versatility and shoot choice galore.

So let’s dig into what makes kitchen islands so appealing and discover some of our favourite Light Locations boasting the best kitchen islands.


What Makes Kitchen Islands So Appealing for a location shoot?

Islands are exceptionally useful, especially if they are easily moveable. If an island is on wheels, it provides options for using the kitchen with or without it, allowing a more comprehensive range of styling options.

When the island is in place, it provides a visual centrepiece to draw the audience’s attention and a prominent place to style and display products. In addition, many crews choose to use them as a backdrop to shoot against, especially those in neutral colours or alternative materials.

As a result of their appeal, kitchen islands are one of our searchable features. So let’s take a look at some of our favourites.



Our Top Locations Boasting Fantastic Kitchen Islands 

The Elms

The beautiful kitchen island at the Elms is set within a simply stunning kitchen space. Offering the perfect place for product placement or a stylish backdrop, it fits effortlessly in its full-height atrium home.


Church Road

The owners at Church Road love to keep their location fresh and enticing for stylish shoots. And the kitchen area is no exception. The central island unapologetically commands the space with its chunky design and beautiful marble worktop.


Anders House

The kitchen at Anders House offers an elegant, contemporary and striking design packed with plenty of places for stylish shoots. And wow, the island is huge! The decisive choice of colour comes alive with light flooding from above, which offers enormous styling potential

Marmora Road 

The owners at Marmora Road understand the benefit of flexibility at a location house. So they are regularly updating and refreshing this gorgeous Victorian House, and their bold green island is moveable for added versatility.


Sixteen Country House 

You’ll find another marvellously moveable choice at the sublime Sixteen Country House in Kent. A bold teal body topped with cool chic marble is gorgeously alluring. And the best bit? It can quickly and easily roll out of the way to expose more backdrops and textures at this house specifically designed for photo shoots. 

Clay House

And last but by no means least, discover another moveable masterpiece at the glorious Clay House. With the neutral palette throughout the space, this kitchen provides a beautiful surface to work with or a gorgeous open space with the swift change in its island location. 


Discover more Inspiring Islands 

Kitchen islands offer a brilliant backdrop or centrepiece at many more photoshoot locations. Take a look and discover more inspiring islands.

We provide a range of searchable features for all our locations. Maybe you desire dark wooden floors or are craving Crittall windows. Whatever you need, search our features categories to discover your next location. 

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens