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Sophie Hitchens


Retro Chic Photo Shoot Locations

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 16th June 2016

Retro chic. Definition = Imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.

Many of our glorious photo shoot locations belong to great architectural eras of the past such as the Georgian period, notable for its reference to classical architecture or the Edwardian period with it’s revival of medieval or Neo-Georgian features.

But sometimes our Light Locations have rejected elements of their traditional past and combined their architecture of centuries gone by, with interior décor of decades past. A splash of wallpaper from the 1970s or a bright sofa that adds a reference to the 1960s has transformed interiors, which then lend themselves to very different photo shoot options.

We’ve selected a few of our favourite locations that have added the allure of retro chic to make undeniably retro cool interiors.

St Johns Avenue

This converted carpentry wood workshop in North West London pays subtle but effective homage to the clean and open starkness of the 1960s with dashes of the bright sunny style of the 1970s. The clean white kitchen table which became popular with the onset of kitchen diners in the 60s and into the 70’s is married with pops of brightness in the upholstered armchairs and sofas sprinkled through throughout the interior.

Guildhill Road 

This stunning Edwardian house in Dorset pays plenty of credence to its early 20th century past with elegant living, ornate molded fireplaces and roll top bath. Yet is also manages to bring in very subtle hints of later 20th century influence. The buttoned upholstery in the kitchen seating area marries beautifully with its retro wallpaper setting and 1960s teak spindle back chairs.

Sydenham House 

This glorious townhouse in South East London has no 19th Century ancestry to adhere to. Built in the 1960s it is retro personified and in fact brings the 1960s into the 21st century.  Molded kitchen table and chairs and open style Danish furniture throughout make this location a veritable prop heaven, all of which is available to use for stylists and photographers.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens