Seaside Themed Interiors

Suzi Davis Friday 04th June 2021

A seaside themed interior is a perfect antidote to the wet and windy May that many of us experienced. Calming coastal interiors that recreate carefree beach days can help us dream of the warmer summer months ahead.

The seaside is our theme for June. We will be taking a shoreside journey on our social channels to throw us headlong into a bed of dreamy summertime vibes.

If you have ever thought about creating a seaside themed interior but are unsure where to begin, we have put together three design ideas to get you started. To illustrate, our Light Locations situated by the sea will encourage you to take the seaside leap and reap the soothing benefits of coastal inspired living.

White Wood Beachside Living

The colour white is a fabulous backdrop and canvas for many styles of interior design. Paired with lashings of white wood and panelling, it creates a spirit of New England beachside living. At Camber Cabins the carefully chosen sea and sky blues notes create echoes of the seaside.

Camber Cabins and The White House have embraced the possibility of their internal canvases with white wood languishing on walls, floors and ceilings. Our Light Locations have space to experiment with gentle notes of coastal-inspired colour and texture with the solid white backdrop in place.

As a clever addition, the aptly named The Grey House includes notes of grey to create visual interest and the characterful dark wood in the Grey House kitchen emit vibes of battered timber from the hull of an old boat washed ashore.

Murmurs of Blue

Nautical colour schemes of blues, whites and gentle greys take our minds to hot summer days cooling our toes in the water. From walls to soft furnishing or accessories, including blue in your interior will reflect the spirit of the sea.

Blue stripes are an obvious but highly effective choice that brings back memories of deckchairs and deck shoes. But any shades of sea or sky can offer its charms, exquisitely illustrated at Sussex House.

The owners of Sussex House have also mastered the inclusion of wood in a seaside themed interior. The beautiful living room perfectly depicts this with calming ease.

Soft Seaside Whispers

The colours of pretty pebbles, soft sands and soothing driftwood inspire our final seaside offering.

Hayes House, the chic house located within a breath of the sea is the epitome of this interior design style. The living room, with its faded hues of weathered wood and sea-washed rock, captures the essence of soft seaside whispers. Textured accessories are set against the pure white walls and ceilings, offering notes of seaside inspiration. It is a look echoed throughout this elegant Georgian house.

More Ideas for Your Seaside Themed Interior

For more design ideas for your seaside themed interior, follow us through a coastal month on our socials. Pinterest, in particular, will be adorned with sun, sea and sand inspired interiors. And if you like your coastal interiors rustic and atmospheric, take a look at the beguiling @blackshorestyle 

Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis