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Tabitha Paradise


Spring in the City: Gorgeous Garden Spaces in London Locations

Tabitha Paradise Friday 19th April 2024

Finally Spring is in the air, with its fresh blue-skied mornings and hopeful blooms of delicate blossoms. Outdoor photoshoots now seem not only possible, but inviting! Even in the bustling hub of London, gorgeous garden spaces are coming to life beneath the sporadic sunshine, ready and waiting for their next moment in the spotlight.


Victoria Road

This Victorian property is no stranger to new additions, with its contemporary glass extension inviting a haven of natural light. Last year, it was the exterior of Victoria Road which received an update and we had the pleasure of reshooting it in the summer sun.

Lush green lawns give way to precisely placed paving, which picks its way through tumbling lavender and seemingly floats over trickling water. At the end of the garden lies a show-stopping seating area, paved in pale herringbone brick and neatly framed by the surrounding foliage. The lines are clean and sharp, but there is a softness created by the abundance of plant life, creating a perfectly balanced outdoor space with heaps of shooting potential.


Anders House

Designed with shoots in mind and filled with beautiful period features, Anders House has been an ever-popular shoot location. This modernised double-fronted Victorian home has recently been redesigned and reshot to showcase its new exciting features.

The garden seamlessly flows with the interior of the property, the gorgeous crittal doors lead out into a picture-perfect patio – ideal for impactful dining set ups with its hanging festoons, Cotswold-style planters and swaying olive trees. Wander further and the upper level garden opens into a green paradise of blooming flowers beneath leafy trees, with another seating area tucked away. It’s almost hard to believe this stunning space lies in the heart of London.


Huron Road

One of the most dramatic renovations has been that of Huron Road, whose beautiful open plan rooms once opened onto a more minimally designed space. Recently, the garden has been completely transformed into a green and growing Eden, with lively plants surrounding multiple modern seating spaces. Now, the view out from the living space is vibrant and flourishing, like a piece of biophilic art set against the crisp white walls.

Contemporary flair is added to the grounds with the horizontal slatted fencing and poured concrete style patios, whilst the materials of the property are mirrored by the brick walkway and black framing beams. With so much style packed into this space, we can’t wait to see the next shoot here.


The Summerhouse

Forever a firm favourite with the Light Locations team, The Summerhouse brings the charm and delight of the countryside to South London. This classically decked garden space is home to blooms of all shapes and hues pouring from raised flowerbeds, as well as trees and plants of all shapes and sizes.

The true beauty of this location is its openness, where white double doors on both sides of the summerhouse allow a perfect view out into nature. It’s a wonderful way to capture the palette of the garden, even if rain clouds suddenly tumble in. On brighter days looking into the space is equally lovely, particularly shooting through the pink poppies and alliums for a splash of colour.


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Tabitha Paradise

Tabitha Paradise