Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens


The Blank Canvas of a Studio Location

Sophie Hitchens Tuesday 27th September 2016

Light, space and endless possibilities. This is why our studio locations are extremely popular photoshoot locations. They are truly limitless with the style that can be created, but what else makes them work so well?

Form and Structure

A great example of how studios create shape can be seen at Fawe Street where the black iron open steps, hardwood floors and earthy brick walls create form and structure but do not dictate style.

White and Bright

At 2 of our Hackney studios – Hackney 2 and Hackney 5, the canvas is not only expansive but deliciously white and light creating a sublime background for luminous sofas, bright print feature furniture or eclectic and quirky mixes of furnishing styles and design. The distressed wooden floorboards at Hackney 5 provide a stunning contrast that makes the white walls and ceiling take on a more earthy colouring.

Beams, Bricks and Battered Walls

The origin of many of our studio locations means they retain many attributes that can add substance to a shoot. At Hackney 3, Victorian sash windows are complimented by swaths of timber in the vaulted roof. At Tanner Street, three floors of varying styles offer a host of unusual features including exposed brick, wood-clad rustic walls, industrial steel pillars and sections papered walls.

Sheer expanse

The ultimate reason why studios make fabulous shoot locations are simply the size of them, which allow multiple sets to be built as well as accommodating all the stylist, make-up and shooting teams. At Fawe Street 1000 square feet of living and kitchen space sits within an overall floor span of 3000 square metres meaning that imagination becomes the only limitation. At Hackney 1, the 2200 square feet of loft-style studio space incorporate a moveable panelled wall, which makes an expandable expanse of shoot space.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens