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The Rise of The Country Location

Sophie Hitchens Thursday 02nd February 2023

Until recently, the photoshoot industry favoured London properties over a country location. With many clients situated in the capital, it was easy to choose local properties, and anything further afield needed something extra to justify travel time.  

But over recent years, things have been shifting, and a client’s wish list now looks very different. As a result, we are seeing the rise of the country location. Read on to find out why. 


A Changing Landscape 

Before 2020, the address of a property was the number one deciding factor in choosing a photoshoot location. The closer to the office, the better, and with the creative industry centralised in London, shoots were often reluctant to leave the city.

But 2020 saw brands operating from anywhere. And to allow the industry to work through lockdowns, larger properties allowed for the need to socially distance. Clients also sought versatile properties allowing multiple shoots in one location, saving valuable time and money. 

So, it was no surprise that private and spacious properties based outside of London grew in popularity during lockdowns. And as clients discovered these locations, they realised that beautiful countryside houses held plenty of long-term appeal. As a result, travel wasn’t an issue, especially as people realised that country houses offer the privacy, ease and space that London properties sometimes lack. With many clients also leaving the city for the country the landscape has changed, and country locations are now more popular than their London-based cousins.


Why Pick a Country Location?

Country properties have plenty to offer, but privacy, space and parking make them incredibly versatile. And with fewer distractions to contend with, the result is a more relaxed shooting experience.


Privacy makes things easy 

Large country houses rarely have other properties nearby. This means no prying eyes, no noise levels to worry about and no complaints about the delivery van blocking the neighbour’s drive. Privacy is the number one factor that makes a country property appealing because it makes life for shoot crews much easier! 


Space means choice

Country locations often have a wide choice of well-proportioned rooms and expansive gardens offering plenty of places to set up shots. As a result, more can be packed into a shoot day, as one location provides multiple sets that teams can often run simultaneously. And having several places to store kit is always a welcome bonus.  


Parking is a crew’s best friend

Bags of parking space means crews and transport teams can deliver, unload products, kit quickly and easily with no need to move on. We’ve yet to find a country property without multiple parking options, meaning no restrictions on the number and types of vehicles – and no parking wardens to look out for!


5 Country Location Stars

The key to the appeal of country locations is the ease they offer. Here’s our pick of five fantastic places offering the welcomed seclusion that allows clients to concentrate more on their photography and less on battling with parking and nosy neighbours. 

6ixteen Country House

6ixteen Country House in Kent offers generous Edwardian proportions and extensive grounds for guaranteed seclusion. With the house designed with shoots in mind and a multitude of rooms and interior styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking your photoshoot spot.

Cotswold Barn

Cotswold Barn is an incredible country barn set in manicured gardens and complete with an outside pool and patio areas. With large rooms and generous external space, there’s more than enough reason for the short travel distance beyond London.


Church Road

This recently updated vicarage in a quaint village setting is one of our most popular locations. Its internal winning features are its great-sized rooms, stylish decoration and flexible lifestyle spaces. And externally, a generous lawn space and additional outbuilding (also available for shoots) keep neighbours and distractions at a safe distance. 


Vine Cottage 

Vine Cottage offers bags of country charm. And with the beautiful Norfolk countryside beside you, your feathered or four-legged friends will be your nearest neighbours.


Botley House

Botley House is generously set in 5 gorgeous acres, giving you a generous slice of countryside peace in which to disappear. And with six bedrooms and two living rooms, there’s a wide selection of places to set up shots.


Find More Country Locations 

If you’re searching for the perfect, versatile and secluded countryside location, we have plenty more to choose from. Take your pick from our beautiful collections.  

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Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens