Thinking of Hiring Your Home out as a Photo Shoot Location?

Suzi Davis Thursday 05th November 2020

If you live in a stunning or unique building, you may have pondered over hiring your home out to photographers, tv or film crews. Offering your house to be used in this way can provide fantastic opportunities to bring in extra income. Seeing your rooms transformed on the cover of a magazine or sparkling on the large or small screen is also more than a little exciting. If you think your inspiring interior or attractive exterior will appeal as a location spot, how do you take the next step in the intriguing journey of hiring out your home?

Check if your property fits the bill

You might think that your quirky renovation or period focused restoration project would make a fabulous photoshoot location. There are, however, several qualities that drive a steady stream of eager clients.

  • Location. London properties are the busiest. If your property is outside of London, there needs to be a particular reason to entice clients.
  • Generous room sizes as photographers and crews need plenty of space.
  • Light. Good natural light is a must.
  • Décor. Neutral but inspiring décor is the most versatile and appealing. If you have any unusual feature walls or attractive floor finishes these are often in demand.
  • Props and furniture. A stylish selection of furniture and quirky items available can provide useful additions to a properties appeal.

More guidance on what makes a great photoshoot location

Know what you are signing up for

If you take the step to become a location owner, you need to be realistic and open-minded about what this entails. Shoots can be intrusive, and your home will undoubtedly experience more wear and tear than usual.

  • Accidents may happen. On top of the expected wear and tear, there may be times when a mishap occurs. Owning a location property does mean you can’t be too precious.
  • What will the neighbours think? Photoshoots are busy, and crews can be large. There will also be recce visits, and prop deliveries, all of which can aggravate the neighbours. It’s a good idea to keep those around you up to date, and if neighbourly relations are already fraught, this may be a reason to reconsider hiring your home.
  • There are expectations of you. Shoot crews expect a tidy and secure house and a supply of refreshments. If you are using a location agency, you also need to keep them up to date with availability and any changes you make to your location.
  • Keeping it fresh. If you own a busy location, you will need to reinvest some of your earnings to keep your home fresh and appealing. Some of our most popular locations also choose to reinvent individual rooms or features to increase demand.

What to expect when renting out your property

Contact a Location Agency

Location agencies understand the process, know what works and have a bank of clients waiting in the wings. It’s in their interest to make your location work and appeal to the broadest audience. Ultimately using a location agency makes the process as smooth as can be and takes away the hours and days of effort involved in marketing and managing your location.

For more about using a photo location agency, read the owner’s perspective

If you think your property fits the bill and have thought through the pro’s and con’s of entering the exciting world of being a location owner do get in touch, send us some images to give us a good idea of the space and we will be in touch with our thoughts.

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Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis