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Who Lives in a House Like This?

Sophie Hitchens Monday 04th January 2016

Have you ever looked at our Light Locations and wondered ‘who lives in a house like this?’

It probably doesn’t surprise you that lots of our owners are creative types – you only have to look at the amazing interior design to know that the houses must belong to people who know how to make beautiful things. One of our particularly colourful houses belongs to the photographer Debi Treloar who specialises in interior and food photography. Debi says her philosophy on life to ‘to make something out of nothing and to be constantly inspired by life’. With such an upbeat ethos on life, we thought we’d pick her brains on what it’s like to be a photographer and to own such a fabulous photoshoot location.


Did you always know you wanted to work in Photography?

I won an award for photography when I was 8 yrs old and then I started a photography club at school (only so I could smoke in the darkroom) and so I guess it was always something I did.

What drew you to the world of photography?

My mum worked in advertising and she had lots of photographer friends so it was always around me… I grew up thinking I was useless at everything and photography was the one thing a teacher told me I really wasn’t useless at. it was a nice surprise.

You have worked all over the globe in lots of really interesting places. Which has been your favourite and why?

Ah too hard to answer …my favourite place is Watamu in Kenya but I go there to rest not really to work…one of my favourite houses I have photographed there belongs to designer/stylist Marzia Chierichetti. I think New York is probably my favourite place to work, it is always so inspiring and full of great energy.

What is the best thing about your job?

It’s always varied, I never have the same day twice. Nearly always interesting and I get to meet loads of crazy people.

What is your favourite type of photoshoot location?

I tend to go for locations that have a bit of grunge and have some recycle and reuse elements, where there is a great mix of old and new, homes that are personalised and real. Ann Shore’s house in Shoreditch is probably in my top few, it has everything for me, personality, style, romantic, outdoors indoors and the most incredible mix of beautiful things.


What made you open your own home as a photoshoot location?

I started doing the location thing years ago as my studio was a 2 bed flat above where I lived and it made sense to rent it out… best of all people wanted to come. It’s a great source of income.  It’s really helpful having money coming in just for tidying up and to be honest my house would probably be a tip if I didn’t have to keep it constantly clean and tidy. I have never been bothered by possessions so I don’t mind people coming in using things and moving them about and to top it often saying nice things about it.


Your home – Mount Pleasant Rd – has a stunning approach to the use of colour. What has been your inspiration?

I grew up in Zimbabwe and there was always so much colour in nature and always blue sky,  I think I missed the sky coming to England and so predominantly my house is shades of blue.


What is it like to work with Light Locations?

Brilliant … Always a pleasure. I knew Sophie before she set up Light Locations so was really happy when she set up LL. We have worked together from the beginning and I totally trust and respect her.


What are your top tips for anyone thinking about a career in photography?

My son is just starting out in photography weirdly so I advised him to learn the technical side backwards, so well that you never have to think about it when you work …so it’s second nature, then you can concentrate on the fun bit of taking the pics.
Try and work with and for people whose work you like and just keep on it. Taking pictures showing them to people getting advice. It’s not easy to break in but it’s the best job when you are busy.

To see more of Debi’s work visit her website

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens