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Why Use a Photo Location Agency? Part 2: The Location Client’s Perspective

Sophie Hitchens Saturday 26th September 2020

If you are searching for the perfect location for a photo shoot, what is your first port of call?  Do you go back to a site you’ve used before, trawl the internet for inspiration, or speak to colleagues and friends?

Using a location agency might feel like an extravagant expense, especially if budgets are tight. But as the saying goes, time is money, and one of the biggest perks of going to an agency is the hours saved.

A Location Agency will know the properties they represent inside out, and they will already have established relationships with the owners. This brings with it a host of benefits, all of which save you time and effort.

They’ve Done the Legwork  

Location Agencies have already put the time into sourcing and editing a portfolio of photo shoot locations for you to choose from. They know everything about their properties, which means they can quickly find the perfect place your brief is calling for.

“Light Locations is always my first port of call when looking for places for photographic shoots for the magazine. They have a good selection of great properties – varied and well-edited”

Ben Kendrick – Home Design Editor, Country Living Magazine

They Have an Industry Viewpoint

Working in the photographic industry means Location Agencies know what you as a client are looking for. They can apply this to the way they choose the variety of locations available.

“Their carefully selected portfolio of properties are always a delight to work in, and the Light Locations team ensure a smooth and stress-free shoot through honest, easy communication and knowledge of their properties.”

Alyce Taylor, Senior Stylist, Sanderson

Having an industry viewpoint also helps Location Agencies to present houses and spaces in the right way for stylists and photographers to be able to make well-informed choices on locations that will fit their needs.

“A real plus is that as Sophie photographs the locations you always know what to expect from the location both spatially and angle wise before you recce which makes their website by far the easiest to navigate and get a realistic insight into a location

Di Civil – Freelance interior stylist and location owner of Nightingale Road

They Handle the Admin 

Once you’ve chosen your location, there are lots of boxes to tick when booking and managing your shoot. Using a location agency ensures all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.

A good agency will make sure you have the right insurance, will put a comprehensive set of terms and conditions or legal contract in place, and they will have checklists for everything from catering to smoking policies. They will also ensure that the package is right for all parties involved.

“Light Locations are an absolute pleasure to work with; we have a long-standing relationship with them to provide inspiring locations and to negotiate the best rate and package for us.”

Navinder Thaliwal – PR Manager, Furniture Village 

There are then all the small jobs that can quickly add up and can be easily forgotten. Because it’s their job, location agencies work hard to make the process of booking a location as easy as possible.

“Booking locations through Light Locations is a joy as Madeleine, Katie and Sophie are always extremely speedy and helpful, going over and above to try to work around your dates and deadlines promptly and efficiently – nothing is ever a problem”

Di Civil – freelance interior stylist and location owner of Nightingale Road

“We have been working with Light Locations for years now, and choose them for their consistently brilliant selection of locations and total professionalism. We shoot at multiple locations during some weeks of the year for Next Home and find the team always friendly and very helpful in facilitating our sometimes crazy shoot schedule.”

Catriona Pharo – Hatch Production

Ultimately, using a Location Agency provides you with an valued extra resource. They will work with you on your brief, helping you to find exactly what you are looking for and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“I have worked with Light Locations for just over eight years now and I cannot speak highly enough of the team. They are super friendly, efficient and make the process of booking totally pain-free. All of their locations are of a super high standard, and little gems continue to appear on the website throughout the year, which is fantastic. I could not recommend a lovelier team to work with”

Shirin Arbee – Head of Snaps at Load 

To find out more about what it’s like to work with Light Locations as your Location Agency, read more words from our customers.

Sophie Hitchens

Sophie Hitchens