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Renting Your Home as a Photoshoot Location: The Pro’s and Con’s

Sophie Hitchens Wednesday 29th September 2021

Have you ever thought about hiring your home out as a photoshoot location? If you own a spacious, quirky or stunning property, you may be toying with the idea of letting photographers or tv crews utilise your living space.

But have you thought through what is involved and whether it is something you will relish or regret? Whilst we work with many wonderful location owners who have flourished with their chosen path, we also know it’s hard work.

If you are currently mulling over whether to hire your home as a photoshoot location, read on and weigh up the pro’s and cons to help you decide on your next step.


The Pro’s of Renting Your Home as a Photoshoot Location


It’s a Great Money Maker 

Turning your home into a photoshoot location is a great way to earn extra money either as a sole income source or alongside other business ventures. It is, without doubt, the main reason why people choose to rent out their homes.

As a location owner, you can expect to earn around £1000 per day for the large majority of shoots dependent on the nature of the job, size of the team and final shoot details.


Your Property in Print

All of our location owners are proud owners of gorgeous or unusual homes. As a result, they have often put their heart and soul into producing a stunning property that they are pleased to show off. For that reason, an added benefit of your home becoming a photoshoot location is the reward of seeing your property in print.

Transformation Revelations

Alongside seeing your home in print, many location owners enjoy seeing how stylists utilise and transform their homes. It makes seeing the results even more exciting and brings an element of surprise and intrigue. 

Several location owners have also chosen to take on interior changes or ad hoc purchases sparked by the transformations.

A World of Creativity and Excitement

Renting out your home to fashion brands, interior design, or other creative industries takes you into the intriguing world of media. As a result, you venture into an exciting and unusual arena, surrounded by inspiring and creative individuals and brands. 

As a result, many of our location owners relish how exposure to increased creativity enriches their lives.


The Con’s of Renting Your Home as a Photoshoot Location


Wear and Tear

With crews trampling through your home and props and products coming and going, there will most certainly be a level of wear and tear to contend with. There may also be a mishap or accident that occurs. Whilst rare, you should be prepared for your house to get a knock or two. 


It is Intrusive

The world of location shoots involves piles of props and furniture turning up, crews moving your house around, painting your walls and plenty of people in your space. And if you are busy with back to back shoots, it can be even more intrusive. As a result, you will have limited time between projects to enjoy your own home.


Crews Aren’t Perfect

The large majority of crews are delightful. They are respectful, friendly and gracious. But on the odd occasion, you may encounter a team working to a tight timescale. In this instance, their patience may fray and result in less cordial behaviour. For that reason, you need to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth, put on your game face and bring out your best smile. 


You’ll Need to Disappear

If you have don’t have the luxury of a special place in your home to squirrel yourself away on shoot day, you may need to find alternative arrangements when crews are on site. If you work from home, you will need to consider juggling your time and when and how to disappear.


What To Do With the Kids?

Many of our location owners have children, and balancing shoot crews with the school run could become a bone of contention. A potential solution is to have a private escape area in your home for you and the children. 


Additional Considerations

If the scales are balanced when it comes to the pro’s and con’s, now could be the right time to take the step to rent out your home. 

We don’t want to put you off, but before you get in touch, it is also worth noting that life as a location owner does involve work both before and after every single shoot. It’s not a walk in the park, and you need to be prepared to put in the work. 

When it comes to what’s involved, factor in ongoing tasks that include:

  • Time for emails and phone calls back and forth with us to discuss options before a job even confirms. 
  • Being available if crews want to come and view your property.
  • Time for emails and phone calls once a job is confirmed. These include sorting out measurements, additional client requests and potentially lots of questions and queries. 
  • Undertaking an extensive property clean and prep before a shoot. 
  • A post-shoot cleaning with ample time to allow for bits and pieces that the shoot crew may not have put back correctly. 

Whilst damage to a property is rare, if any damage does take place, there will be additional back and forth admin to ensure everything gets sorted.

And finally, if you have been doing everything right and your home is in high demand, you’ll need to allow time and resources to keep your home fresh and appealing. Some of our most popular locations also choose to reinvent individual rooms or features to increase demand.




It may feel like we are trying to put off aspiring location owners. But rest assured that joining the exciting world of the photoshoot industry can be magical and rewarding. 

If you are relaxed, flexible and don’t mind strangers taking over your house, take the leap and contact Sophie today. It might just be the best step you’ll ever make to enjoying an enriching and exciting journey.


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Sophie Hitchens

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