Tile Transformation with Bert & May

Suzi Davis Saturday 19th June 2021

Light locations that allow clients to decorate don’t just limit themselves to a change of paint on the walls. To illustrate, look no further than two recent shoots by tile specialists Bert & May.

Bert & May Tiles

Bert & May are specialist suppliers of handmade artisan tiles adorned with vintage-inspired designs. Launched in 2013, they offer their unique collections online and at showrooms in both Chelsea and York.

Bert & May are known for cement tiles with a chalky quality and muted tone. But their recent additions have included ventures into the new colours and materials illustrated in their recent shoots.

Ham House

It’s not surprising that Bert & May chose Ham House for their tile transformation. Not only was it essential that the location would allow decorating, but large versatile floor spaces were a must. In addition, Ham House’s location in the quiet Wiltshire countryside offering plenty of parking was the icing on the cake for the crew and vans filled with tile laying necessities.

Choosing the open plan living spaces at Ham House, Bert & May transformed the distinctive concrete floors, and unique wall spaces to gloriously showcase their new spring tile ranges.

Eagle House

The impressive Georgian house just outside Bath offered its charms for the second Bert & May tile transformation. Another popular paint and decorate location, this stunning property often appeals with its large white spaces. However, on this occasion, Bert & May chose to utilise the unique plastered walls to transform a dining room with their new Bolonia tile collections in pink and blue.

Not only were the walls transformed, but the dining room also metamorphosised into a highly appealing and believable bathroom.

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Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis